Saturday, January 24, 2009

What is love?

'I love you".
So easy to say, but, so many times it does not mean a thing.
"I love you".
Could be everything, as long as we don't know what love means.
I think love is not a word we say, love is in what we do.
And when we say "we love", we have something to prove.

What is love?

I think love is nothing but the truth,
Something inside of me, and something inside of you.
love is faith and loyalty,
Love is sharing, love is to believe.
I think thats what love could be,
As so much more 'cause love is deep.

What is love?

I think love can be good, love can be bad,
Love can make you happy, love can make you sad.
Love can break your heart, love can heal your soul.
Love can die.
Love can roam.


  1. I think we have to enjoy it while we have it, that there are different types of love and it changes and I believe you can love more than one person at a time, you can love to infinity.

    It certainly makes you feel better than anything else in the world, and the worst too.

  2. i agree Ellee. thanks for you thoughts

  3. Yes, a word that poets and philosophers may dabble with. Humble scientists don't stand a chance.

    I agree that it may be better identified by behaviour rather than by words.

  4. I think that love is built into our humanity. It is a natural expression, however skewed/distorted, of who we are.

    We have a sense what love is, and we violate it. It's not just tolerating others. It looks to the good of others; it longs for the best for others. So it has to be for others. And yet we need love in return. Without it, babies don't do well. Without love none of us does well.

    Of course I see it in Jesus and the cross. I see it in the promise beginning now, but someday to be fulfilled in a brand new creation (after all the Big Bang is supposed to collapse on itself anyhow, at least by the model received now, as I understand it). So I see it built into humanity by an entity which as Trinity is at the very essence of being, Love. And demonstrated for us on the cross, so that love can become more and more the reality and dynamic in homes, between neighbors, in our nations, and over all the world.

  5. merisi thanks!

    Ted- thought provoking and well said mate

  6. I love the foot impression best -

    what is it to me - it considers the best for someone else before it considers itself - bears all, believes all, never ends. It's not something I've run into very often - most the "worst too" that Ellee speaks of. But, I know it's there, somewhere.

    I must agree with Maalie - it is certainly better identified with behaviour than words.