Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bike Ride

The Beautiful Hawkesbury River...

After 2 months off, and with the hand out of the cast, it was time to "test my arm"on a ride. I chose the beautiful Hawkesbury lowlands, about 25k in all. Passed market gardens, Polo fields, the RAAF airbase and back.

Fishing at dusk

I don't mind saying, I felt uncomfortable, the right hand is stiff and every ripple in the tar, every grain of sand could be felt through it. It took me about 15km just to feel moderatley settled.

Dave getting baited

Have said that, the bird life is astounding, White necked Heron, Yellow rumped thornbill, Little eagle are just a few of the highlights.

Little Eagle

After the ride David asked me to take him fishing, it was peaceful although windy by the river and whilst there were plenty of nibbles we did not catch anything. I guess Mullet are smart....


  1. Yep mullet are smart.... I am certain maalie will be able to tell you that DNA evidence proves they can smell a recently removed cast a mile away ;-) Sad that you never caught any dinner though!

  2. yes you are right!

    I am not sure I would want to eat fish out of the river there anyway...its a bit..well. um... urgh...

  3. Not surprised you8 never5 caught a mullet mate. DNA evidence proves they can smell a recently removed cast a mile away.

    Great post, glad to see you out and about again. Great wildlife.

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  5. thanks mate. yes its nice be be more involved.

    I think we have a local resident hawk! I have seen it swoop into a flock of Galahs a couple of times this week..

    I have yet to identify it- It's a little larger than the galahs, but faily plain. Certainly not a kestrel, almost a little eagle.. anyway I will get the "bins" out and try to identify it!

  6. lol. surprised to see you agreeing with me so easily maalie;-)

  7. So what's this weekend's cast-less plan simon?

  8. good to see that they thought you sufficiently healed to remove the cast!!! Did it help the arm bones as well?

    here's hoping you are all healed and better!!

  9. no-- they found old breaks that will not heal which explains why I have some difficulties for a while ( years)

  10. Simon, Sorry to hear again of the physical woes. That's got to hurt.

    Also sorry your summer is winding down. Our Spring is beginning to peak in here. Lovely day today.

    But hopefully you don't get the cold weather we get here (and snow!). I mean I like some of it, but it gets a little long, I have to admit.

    Certainly nice birding, along with fishing. Glad you could have a nice getaway with your son.

  11. thanks Ted.. its actually pretty nice this time of year. my favorite in fact and I do love winter too :o)

  12. nice pics, especially the eagle one

  13. Have a great day on your jeep. Quite fascinating, the sun being directly over the equator today. Maalie has a nice post on that, as you've already seen.