Sunday, April 5, 2009

Colo River Walk

This weekends walk was into the Colo River Gorge. With recent heavy rain, we wanted to see just how the river was flowing.

The track to the car park is easy, although just after filming this first clip, the track was washed out in places. We both got the giggles, after filming.

The walking track wanders through tall gums, thick undergrowth and rain forest areas. I am sorry for the quality of the videos, I kept losing sound and nearly dropped the camera in the mud. It is difficult to drive, or walk whilst filming!!

After a few kilometres we arrive at the river. Its very beautiful, although with the water receding we did notice that the river mud was a bit smelly. We enjoyed some fruit bars, Vegemite, and nuts, before returning to the top.

Overall length of walk 7km. Time 21/2 hours including lunch. Decent 350metres with equivalent climb.

Birds seen:- Whip Bird, Bell Minor, Lyrebird, Tree creeper, Superb Fairy Wren, Yellow Rumped Thornbill, Grey fantail. Masked Lapwing, Crested Pigeon. Plus one yet to be determined.


  1. I am still only using the video in my phone, so the imaging is not the best.
    I actually recorded 1/2 doz clips but I kept making mistakes...

  2. Maybe your mystery bird was a moa. Perhaps maalie will confirm this possibility ;-)

  3. A moa is a member of the ratite family - extinct in New Zealand but many bones found in caves etc. Can be very big ie taller than you. Flightless. Occasionally still 'spotted' in the wild here by pranksters. I was not being serious: it was endemic here before it was wiped out ;-)

  4. Quite interesting. And good to hear your voice. I like Aussie and British accents. I enjoy accents in general, but especially those, it seems. I don't have an accent of course (:!

    Lovely terrain. Good that you can be out there enjoying that with your son.

    Does seem like Spring finally has its grip on our weather here, though still a bit on the chilly side.

  5. A nice selection of birds there, mate

  6. thanks mate. not as good as the new list at lake Peery! I will blog about soon!