Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend Kayak

Approaching some minor rapids.

With the weather perfect, it was time to dust off the old kayak and have a bit of a paddle. This trip was down the Grose River, into the Hawkesbury and return. All up about 3 hours. It was very enjoyable.

As you can hear in the video, there was quite a lot of bird calls.

Birds spotted:- Australian Pelican, Grey Fantail, Red Browed Firetail Finch, White Faced Heron, Dusky Moorhen, Grebe, Welcome Swallow, Galah, Pee wee, Australian Raven, Laughing Kookaburra, Pacific Black Duck, Little black Cormorant, Little Pied Cormorant,Masked Lapwing, Great Cormorant, Pied Cormorant, Australian Magpie,Rosella, King Parrot, Bell Minor, Whipbird (M&F), Crested Pigeon, Common Bronze Wing.

Wildlife spotted:- Water Dragon.

Finally returning, I decided to test the Jeep on a fire trail- its first "off road" trip in 35 years. As you can hear in the video there are more squeaks and rattles than a railway carriage. I cannot say that the trip was enjoyable as I was waiting for something to fall off (like a wheel..!!), instead smoke began to billow from the floor....Stupid me did not release the handbrake properly, and once released the jeep settled down.

The Jeep on its first run into the bush.

I was overtaken by a guy on a motor bike, and once I caught up wanted to chat about the Jeep. Jeeps are like that, always a topic of conversation and bringing smiles to people.
I returned home in one piece, although I noticed the drivers front wheel/ steering linkages need attention. I will get the mechanics to have a look and make some repairs.

A great day was had!!


  1. I dead set thought I was going to up in smoke in the Jeep and the return paddle prooved difficult in a couple of the rapids.

  2. Hi Simon
    Sounds like you had another adventurous weekend. I can't open the video as my pc gets obstinate with things like that but the photos are great! Have a great week. Julie

  3. what a shame! the video of the river- the birds are amazing!

  4. Simon,
    Very nice. And it's interesting that it sounds like you have decent weather there, and we have great weather here, as well. And the jeep is surely fun.

    I am amazed at the number, and kinds of birds you spotted. You are an amateur naturalist, I take it. Although we all ought to appreciate the wonderful variety out there.

  5. What a fantastic post mate. I'm certain I can hear Bell Miners in that clip! Did you see any cottages along the river bank?

    Did you shoot the rapids successfully?

    I hope to see that again next year!

  6. Ted- thanks mate. I have developed an interest in birds thanks to Maalie.

    Maalie:- Yes mate cottages and bell minors... Yes I was successful, but less so in trying to navigate the rapids paddling upstream, in fact I had to find a better route

    BTW spotted a Boo Book Owl!!

  7. My favorite? The whip it....

  8. yes they are really beautiful.. the male does the "whip" sound, and the female does the two single notes in reply immediatley in response...

  9. You are right about a jeep, it's hard to see one and not want to smile, isn't it? Yours puts me in mind of something out of a set from "MASH" (grin).

    What an energetic lad you are, I feel fair exhausted just reading of your latest exploits. Well done on also capturing some wonderful footage to share with us along the way, you sure do live in a beautiful part of the world.

  10. Shrinky:-I confess I was "totaled" by the end of the day.

    Lorenzo:- yes it certainly is

  11. so it is coming up on spring now?

  12. yes very much so, and its quite beautiful

  13. How is the warm beer lasting out mate?

    Great picture of the water dragon. How big do they get? Rather like that great big lizard thing we saw at Kinchega.

    Do you see any of those reptiles with a head at each end?

  14. hi mate- water dragon is pretty big, like a bearded dragon in size....

    we are going well in the one dayers. thank you for letting me off the warm beer if we win.

    there was some brilliant bowling by lee