Sunday, November 29, 2009

Uni Cycle


For Davids birthday he requested a uni cycle. They say it takes twice as long to learn to ride as it does a push bike. Here is a short clip of Davids third attempt.

Pretty cool eh? I wonder if it would rate a mention in the Titchfield Cycling Associations blog?


  1. A definite for a Titchfield mention I reckon..... if you can actually catch a certain member of it home long enough to write on said blog. Seems to be always away on 'well earned holidays'.

  2. haha - yes you are right Kiwi- Merry christmas too

  3. HI Simon

    Looks like a clever lad.. too bad my stupid pc can't play the video [must be time i got that imac out of it's box.. it's only been 6 months!!]. Looks like you have a barb-q or two on that balcony??

    Well I am slowly getting back to the world of blogging.. and the real world.. not quite ready yet.. got lots of sleeping to do first..

    Thanks for always popping over.. everyone's comments certainly kept me going through the last few weeks of the project from hell!! haha

    Take care and catch you soon .. Julie

  4. It's been a few days, is he still in one piece? Aw, to be that young and brave again!! Are you having a lovely spring? Colder than a dead mackerel here today.

  5. Julie- yes he is for sure. It certainly is an intense time of year for work too!

    Lilah! How are you ? how has the year been? hope all is well.

  6. Hey, that's clever! Wow, how he has grown! Have you mentioned this to Worzel?

  7. es they grow up quick and he is very fit and strong

  8. hi ted- yes he thinks it is!
    Maalie-I have not mentioned it to worzel yet

  9. I bet that is really hard. He must be a gifted lad with great coordination.