Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another flight cancelled

Well, even with flights resuming I have had another flight cancelled, and am awaiting for some communication with the airline this morning.
I have moved from the lakes district to the south towards Portsmouth, staying with friends, as their home is closer to the aiport. They have been wonderful.

I dont' mind confessing I am frustrated. Its not so much the delay, as the uncertainty combined with my daughters 21st which i will miss, work responsabilities, and the fact that I am relying on others (something i find difficult).

See you all soon.


  1. hope it all works out. Cross fingers you get back for daughter's 21st. hugs ax

  2. Best of luck to you Simon. I know flights have been leaving France as two of my friends left today: one for the Reunion Island and one for Seattle via Paris. Surely yours will be up and flying soon... Can't miss the 21st - I remember mine still!

  3. Thanks Ange! you are right I'M BACK! :o) just arrived an hour ago and am at work

  4. There you are Simon, home safe and sound. Quite an adventure, yes?

  5. Know the feeling Simon! However much I love Nepal, the feeling you can't get home is totally overwhelming!