Sunday, July 25, 2010

Richmond Polo fields ride

The start of the ride. If you look carefully you can see my walking stick strapped to the front fork.

Well, having had a break and being inspired by Mathew Moggridge blogger from No Visible Lycra, I decided to dust off the bike and go for a ride. A short ride of 25km along some of the prettiest country lanes. Full of history, open fields, farms and Polo fields, its an excellent way to get fit, and to spot some interesting birds.

Looking across the fields towards the mountains

The ride takes you through the outskirts of town, past the RAAF base, to Windsor and back along the river passing polo fields and horse studs as we go. The ride reminds me a little of the English roads, passing hedges and fields

Dave looking for birds.

I have to confess I was struggling, but I discovered, at the end that, my front brake was binding yet again! This seems to be a common problem and is about the equivalent of riding into a head wind. Still, at the end of the ride I felt quite good. Its nice to be blogging again too!
Birds spotted on the day:-

House sparrow, Common Starling, Common Miner, Noisy Miner, Red Rumped Parrot, Yellow Thornbill, Australian Pelican, Dusky Moorhen, Coot, Pacific Black Duck, Nankeen Kestrel, Fire Tail Finch, Pee wee, Australian Raven, Black shouldered Kite, Crimson Rosella, Australian Magpie, Currawong, King Parrot, Grey Butcher bird, Satin Bower Bird, Galah, Peregrine Falcon, Brown Thornbill, Willy Wagtail, Bell Miner.
Superb Fairy Wren. Welcome Swallow


  1. Glad you are back. You can keep me entertained with bike rides while I can't ride!

  2. thanks Kiwi- yes, how is the arm? You must stop arguing with cars...!

  3. Great to see you back mate. Why should you need a walking stick on a bike? Was that the one you bought in Cumbria?
    There are three species there I haven't seen myself in Australia! I better get back soon!

  4. thanks Willow- there are plenty more in the reeeds and grasses there too. I think you would find quail, Lark, and some warblers as well as pipit.

    Maalie_ yes mate its the stick I bought in Cumbria. I have it on the bike for a few reasons.
    1. If I have a break down and have to walk it helps with the arthritis.
    2. I had a dog try to bite me I thought I could use it for that as well.

    It straps to the fork of the bike really well and does not hinder the suspension

  5. Arm is improving, but still have heavy cast on. Hoping for lighter one on Friday.

  6. cool bike.
    also cool how you know the names of all those birds.
    i went to friends place last night... when i arrived, i asked, whats the big black guy with the ugly red heads name? haha

  7. I am pleased to hear it Kiwi!~

    Pooch- thanks! yes its a super bike for sure hand made in the USA.

    If you want to name birds you can buy a book on Birds in Canada, get some binoculars and away you go!

    BTW I will tell you about the Dog which sits on the tucker box....

  8. ha, yes a book. what an idea. for the next 2 months until i move, life is going a bit too fast. perhaps after that...

  9. I can really encourage you to start up- Its a great way to observe more too.. I used to think there was not much wildlife about, but if you sit and be still its amazing what you see- if you like that sort of thing of course

  10. thx simon. pretty sure im moving to a different province with a completely different landscape than where i live now. could be interesting