Sunday, December 5, 2010

Evans Crown

The track.

With the end of year being hectic, it was time to get out, get some fresh air and do some walking. I have often driven past the sign saying "Evans Crown" and so with the weather closing in, I thought it's time to explore it.

Some of the Rock formations at the top

Situated in Honey Suckle Road,in the mountains near Tarana, this interesting rock formation was formed by an ancient volcano and is regarded by the Aboriginals as a sacred site. As we drove up to the car park the smell of honey filled the air- simply delightful. We parked the car, loaded our camel backs and set off.

A lizard ( yet to be identified)

It was not too long before we were greeted by Eastern Spinebills- delightful nectar birds with a sweet song, as well as Eastern and Crimson Rosellas.The air was filled with bird song and purfume. As we climbed the humidity began to give way and a cool breeze felt really good. We nearly stepped on the lizard that was none too happy to be disturbed.

Superb Views

As we reached the crown it is easy to see why the Aboriginals see this place a sacred- there are large caves, the "feeling" of the place is different to the surrounding country and the distant views are superb. I have only felt this in another place - Monolith Valley, where there is a sense of calm, rather like walking into a cathedral.

A turtle rescued.

Sadly my camera gave up the ghost and many of the good photos were "damaged". After lunch on top of the world we descended back to the car. A great way to spent a few hours.

Track notes- Described as difficult by Nat Parks, The walk is fine for the average person. 3- 6km depending on what you explore at the top. The only things to watch out for are water on rocks as they are like glass when wet. Also be aware of the edge of the boulders- Its a long way down! Oh, and watch out for snakes. Finally-respect the area. No fires and take your rubbish with you!

On the way to the Tarana pub we rescued a turtle.

Birds Seen:- Eastern Spinebill. Eastern Rosella, Crimson Rosella, Nakeen Kestrel, Whip Bird, Great Egret, Pacific Black Duck, Australian Wood Duck, Australian Magpie, Australian Raven, Little Raven, Noisy Miner, Starling, House Sparrow, Pee Wee, Bell Miner, Galah, Little Cormorant, Pied Cormorant, Black Faced Cuckoo-shrike. ( more to come..I left my list in the landcruiser...and I will try to identify the lizard lol)

UPDATE- Lizard is a Cunninghams Skink....they eat leaves, small shoots and eat insects when young.


  1. I salute you. Snakes? Aieee.

    OK, well we do have snakes here so I shouldn't be such a wuss. For once, Simon, I looked up where a place is in relation to Sydney. That helps me to "see" things (I don't know why. I like maps.) I love that you guys rescued a turtle...I do love them. I'm sure you will be fascinated to know that Maryland has as one of its symbols, the Diamondback terrapin. (Along with the Baltimore oriole & ...the calico cat. Some primary school students were so keen on the cat idea that it seemed churlish to legislators object.) Cheers, Simon, from freezing & windy DC(area).

  2. HI Susan, yes snakes but they are not a problem really. i might put up maps in future that way you can get a better idea of where wee are! It s beautiful place, great sheep country and fruit etc. I am facinated to know this... there is one type of turtle in the US you can eat from memory ...I felt sorry for the poor fellows.

    Warm and Muggy here!

  3. Fantastic post mate! Cant't wait to get there!

  4. Mate, looks good habitat for Rockwarbler there. Fantastic that you are keeping lists - we'll make a twitcher out of you yet ;-)

  5. the provinces all around me are getting way too much snow. 100 cm where i used to live in 3 days.
    PEI has zero and + 4 celsius still.
    great trail ... i LOVE the view from the top. wish you had more of those pics

  6. Maalie- thanks mate. Its a little far west for rock warbler but i iwll check it out and we cna go there in April mate for sure...I want to catch one of those lizards!!

    LAura- Sounds C-O-L-D! I was disapointed that I lost the photos not sure what happened to the camera..its like a computer glitch!

  7. Love these views Simon
    Funny I was just typing up the aboriginal name/meaning for Noosa.. must be in the air tonight...

    So. hope your lead up to christmas isn't too hectic.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

  8. Julie- beginning to get stressed actually!

  9. I thought it was a skink! I had one in the walk by the garage... lived in the space where the walk way pulled away from the garage door.
    I thought it was a skink when I saw the pic, but when you named it, I was like; yes!
    I haven't been able to get the platypus video to run, :(

  10. Lilah! Skink.. greta name eh? I am not sure what has happened to the video..I will try and get it running for you!