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The Dowling Track.

Situated in outback Queensland approximately 100km NW of Hungerford is the cattle station Kilcowera. This iconic property was once part of the historic Boorara Station, is home to a wide variety of birdlife and has the infamous Murderers bore.

If you are looking for a top quality birding facility, or want to experience life on a cattle property, or perhaps you just way to sit under the shade of a Coolibah tree, then Kilcowera is for you.

Fords Bridge.

Beautifully managed, there are superb camp site, clean shearers quarters and hot showers. The camp sites have wood supplied. You can have guided bird tours, head out with Greg and experience a day in the life of a real cattle self guided, or have Toni and Greg Guide you...Do a lot, or kick back and do nothing. What ever your level or choice, its there waiting.

Dave at the wild dog fence.

I was keen to travel the Dowling track as it was an area that our family were involved in. For those of you who want to travel the track its condition is quite good. There are a couple of sections that are stony and another couple of sections where creeks have washed the road surface away. An average vehicle should have no trouble along its way. Naturally a vehicle with better ground clearance and all wheel drive capacity is an advantage.

Yours Truly in the FJ at Hungerford.

We cruised along the route in comfort and the FJ had no trouble with some of the softer bull dust sections. Within 9 hours we were at Fords Bridge, and finally made the push, through the wild dog fence to Hungerford and the famous Royal Hotel.. A Cobb and Co Coach stop.

Royal Hotel. Here you will find a photo of Roy Dunk.

The fence was in place for many years and part of my Pops job was to maintain it on horse back.. The gate at Hungerford is still used to this day. There is not much in Hungerford, its tidy and the steak sandwiches were very , very good! We refuelled and pushed on the last 100km along the border of Currawinya National Park.

Old Home Hungerford.
Currawinya, along with Caiwarro, was also a sheep station that our family was involved in. De- stocked its looking in superb condition. Alfred, "Fred" Cotter was the brother of Plummer who ran these properties in QLD. Sadly he went mad and ended up in Callan Park mental institution. A brain tumor was the cause. Quite sad really.

Alfred "Fred" Cotter
After 12 hours of driving we arrived at Kilcowera and were greeted by the owners Greg and Toni Sherwin. That evening we shared a meal and settled into the shearers quarters, ready for the work ahead.

Superb Shearers Quarters.

Next- a day in the life of cattle station.

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