Saturday, March 23, 2013


Here is Dave, Jumping a 140ft table top  doing a  kicker..... Frankly  its not good for my  blood pressure..

This is not photo-shopped. He is that high above the tree line and yes thats him doing the splits mid air.... I  think its about 80-100kph...


  1. Scary! What an adrenaline junkie!

  2. Yikes. yes scary. My friend's husband used to do that kind of thing when he was younger, and she was terrified her sons would follow on- but they have been more interested in cricket and hockey. So her heart has been spared that drama!

  3. An astonishing photo - that takes some nerve - and skill.

    Simon, you and Badger may be interested in a perhaps academic but nonetheless pleasing piece of News. The Black Dog above Ireleth, or really Blackdogland as there is little else there, has re-opened after several years of closure. Evidently the coal fire in the bar caused a chimney fire which set the roof alight. They eventually got round to fixing it and in the end the builders doing the job took over running the pub. There is no food as yet but the range of beer is extensive and very well kept by real enthusiasts. So often here the story is of pub closures so it is nice that a good one has re-opened.

    Had he been able, I am sure Jim would have been out snapping and blogging this weekend in the extraordinary snow conditions which have hit the area. I wonder if there is anything you would recognise in these scenes of Ireleth, (eg photo 16) the twin village to Askam, further up the hill -



  4. Scroffles- I LOVE the black dog! The best ale and evening meals I had there and the walk back to Askam was great as well! So pleased it re-opened to keep reall ale alive!

    Kiwi- nice to hear from you. Yes its quite stressing and expensive too as the bike needs constant maintenance!

    Carolyn- Spot on!

  5. Had a few meals and pints there with Jim, lovely place.