Saturday, April 13, 2013

Caiwarro and the Sacred Watering Hole

The sacred watering hole on the Paroo.

I  did not know what  to  expect at Caiwarro. Again, another part of our Cotter history. Greg from Kilcowera said " I  recall the clearing sale at Caiwarro". "there was a beautiful billiard table there and the only way  they  could get it out was to  run a dozer through the wall of the home".

There is nothing really  left. The homestead has been bulldozed into  a few piles and fenced off...

The main fireplace is all that  remains of the Pise built home.

Frankly I  felt a bit grim about this. There is evidence of all that  hard work, from the remains of the workshop, the managers cottages, the tennis court to the stock yards and meat  room.

Tennis anyone?

Its as if, what  these men and women did, does not count in our history. Again I  acknowledge our first Australians, and again I  acknowledge that  they  were invaded and treated badly, ( well worse that that). However, as I  walked through the ruins and looked across to the sacred watering hole, I did not see one of my  brothers camping, fishing or enjoying the Paroo.

Managers cottage

However, I  did see, back in Bourke, quite a few enjoying the other white fellas watering hole called a pub.  It was a long weekend too.

So, whats this all about? I witnessed feral cats, goats and pigs. I  saw only  one ranger vehicle, I saw  no brother "black-fella"(and I mean this in the sincerest terms- brother)

I  think its time we, as Australians stand up and acknowledge the "invasion" of Australia, and acknowledge that its irreversible.  Be proud of just  how hard the men and women worked, to  create the wealth that we enjoy  today. It  was the sheeps back until the 1970's. Today  its mining.

The workshop. Note the ramp in the background.

Its my  view, that  we are being hi-jacked by the left. Made to feel guilty, that what  we achieved, is wrong.  We are encouraged to eradicate  all that  we have done. Can I  claim my  indigenous rights back in Bantry  Cork? I  doubt it.

Can I  claim to  be proud of the pastoral history of Australia? You  bet I can. Do I feel deeply about the utter destruction of the Aboriginal history along the river? You Bet I  do.

The sheep/cattle yards.

As I  drove away  from Caiwarro, I  realised that we have both "lost out". Both  my  indigenous brothers, and my  pastoral family.

I  hope its not too late to  reclaim our rich heritage. Embrace our brothers and sisters and work towards real reconciliation. Not just  a hollow  "oops! sorry."

I  hope , one day that I  too can  stand along the Paroo, and talk of my  family in Wilcannia, to a "clever man" and share that  experience.

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