Thursday, May 30, 2013

Willandra Station

I am  off for a well deserved rest at Willandra where I am  in pursuit of the Plains Wanderer. I  hope by using mountain bikes I  will be able to  catch  another good look at a rare bird.

See you  all soon in Laminton country!


  1. Wow! Simon. Willandra Station looks like a pretty middle of nowhere sort of place. Fantastic! You'll certainly get a good rest there. Just looked it up on Yahoo! Are you staying in that hut-like building with a straw roof? Brilliant. Hope all is well out in Oz. Matt (NoVisibleLycra).

  2. Carolyn! Thanks. Highly unlikely I will spot anything like the Plains wanderer again. I think that was a "lifer".

    Matt! lol! mate thats the Rams Barn/stable. Thats where they kept the prize breeding rams! Our accommodation is the managers hut/house which is a 2 bedroom cottage. :o)

  3. Disaster- rain. 2 cm makes the road impassable.......