Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Well deserved rest!

Well, its time I had a well deserved rest, and having loaded the Cruiser with  2 bikes, camping equipment, we are heading towards Hungerford/Thargomindah at  2am tonight.

My  new motorbike

Temperatures will be 40c+. However we are well prepared with icy cold beer, bird books, binoculars, water, breakdown equipment, extra spare wheels, food….you  name it! We are quite independent and capable.

Above is my  new bike… its set up  for mustering /droving, as well as birding. Bikes are great for sneaking up  on game.
Looks a mess but it will not be once tied down

The canvas covers on the seat and tank protect the bike from the scratches from dogs and general wear and tear.

Today I  found a cap worn by Jim when he was here in 2011. For the sake of nostalgia I will  bring it to   our favourite birding spots. I  hope my  UK and Austrian friends will enjoy that!

This is a semi arid trip in drought conditions and requires real focus!

Well- See you  all  soon in Lamington land!


  1. Have a great time!
    Glad you've got Jim's cap.

  2. It all looks really professional, and the bike's quite the thing! :-)
    What a wonderful memento, to find that cap and sweet of you, to take it along.

  3. thanks Merisi! Thanks carolyn!