Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kenworth 179 work continues

The work continues on  Blue Circle Southern  1985 Kenworth W model fleet number 179.

The lads have removed the Bin, it has been  sold and is heading to QLD. 

We are searching for a tray to suit, and the truck will  go  over the pit to have the chassis steam and acid washed.

This will remove most  of the dirt and any surface rust. Surprisingly the chassis and under carriage is very  good. The rails are all original with no "after market" hole drilled in it.  It was a relief as we bought the truck based on  word of mouth and good will.

Once the chassis is cleaned and dried it will be painted its original colour (which  it already  is)- a 'cement" grey.

My thanks to  Johnson Transport for all the work they are putting in.

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