Thursday, February 4, 2016

1985 Kenworth W model Blue Circle Southern 179 Continued

Since the last  post, there have been  some considerable in-roads made to the truck. The interest in the truck has been  quite high, and its been  decided that, as a result, we won't be putting the truck into  work, even lightly.

I have joined a local Antique Machinery club, and hopefully they  will allow the Kenworth  to  be put on Club Plates and only  used on club runs.

Since the last  post in the truck we have:-

Rewired a new Diff lock Switch

Taken the Kenworth  to  a truck show where lots of people took lots of photos.

Fitted new hubcaps.

New Mirrors.

New Mudguards to lead drive wheels

Did a wedding!

Fitted new Muffler and pipes

Did a service and replaced dirty  filters. (old on left)

The list continues. The truck is driving well, however the lack of use means its a little grumpy  on  start up  if left alone too long. Trucks are built to  work and pull loads, not sit in a shed.

With  all the work we have done, 179 is looking more and more as it did back in  1985. We want the patina look but with a reliable chassis and running gear.

179's chassis was extended to fit the tipping body, and , as it will not be used for this again, we have decided to return the chassis to its original configuration. This will require some research and skill in the shed.

Stay  tuned  for the next "major" work in progress.

Meanwhile I will leave you  with this picture.

Kenworth W model pulling a McGrath Bogie Trailer.
Australian Made-Australian Pride!


  1. Hi mate
    I have found some photo in dad's photos album of your w model in about 1991

  2. Hi Toby,

    I would love to see those. The truck is the same as it was, perhaps the pogo stick is in a different spot and I need to get a blower for the powder bowl set up

  3. Too easy mate well i couldn't work out how to post some photos so i have email them to you

  4. I'm trying to email some of those photo to you mate bit I'm having some trouble but the truck looks great

  5. Try would love to add them to the trucks history folder. If you want, email your dads time there etc. The truck is now pretty much as he would have driven it- the interior is unmolested and I have put a tachograph back in it, so she is patina but as she was!

  6. What a great looking old girl. Really takes me back to my youth sittin in the passenger seat of the old man's Pioneer Dodge agi and seeing these beasts come in to fill the silos. We used to be in awe of them with their big bonnets and button tuck interiors and dashes full of gauges.. Would love to see more pics and follow what you get up to Simon. Do you have a flickr account or Facebook or anything that I can follow you on? If you could respond to that would be best as I only found this dailybitsnbobs website by accident and not sure I'll find it again! Thanks, Danny