Tuesday, November 6, 2007

First day of school

Most "first day at school" photos usually amount to a picture taken of your child standing awkwardly in front of the house trying to look "happy" with a school case, pants pulled up too high, shirt tucked in and shoes a fraction too big.

But not David, he was in fact ready to ride to school on his own, shirt out, sunglasses on, cap on back to front, no bag....

As Maalie would say " a Runcible fellow!"

P.S. This was taken a few years ago. he now rides up to 25km and can keep up with me at age nine


  1. Runcible fellow indeed! Good old David!

    The Holy Island horse shit doesn't smell to bad as it is all organic, no straw or horse cake having been eaten. It's really good stuff. Every time Wils and I went out we were on 'shit watch' and we collected barrows full of it. It's isn't an intrinsic part of yoga, shovelling that is, but lapping water like a dog, is.
    Love Lorenzo.

  2. HA that's an enthusiastic thumbs up!

  3. Ooooh, does he still look as adorable? Yup, you're right - all my lot have snaps wearing blazers making them look like penguins, of their first school day (future blackmail material).

  4. I'll have him, if you ever tire of him. ;-)
    My son was running up the driveway to the school building, waving back to me, "Bye, mom!". There I was, all ready to encourage him, but all of a sudden all alone, nobody to comfort me. ;-)

  5. He would probably jump on a plane by himself Merisi.

    In fact he and I plan an Antarctic trip in 2008-2009. WHere we go on an ice breaker and paddle in sea kayaks..

    Yes he is just as "cool"

    Anon:- enthusiasim is his middle name...

    he has 2 speeds:- flat out or asleep.

    SWS:- most of our family photos are exactly like yours :o)

  6. I see a French cycling trip with Dad in his not too distant future....

  7. I think you are right kiwi! :o)

  8. incredible! i remember when my eldest posed for first day of school pics...now, tomorrow he'll be 36! where did the time go. . .

  9. Savannah:- time goes by so quickly my eldest is 20....

  10. Yes, runcible fellow indeed - may it take him far!

    Loved the pics from your previous posts (Mt Wood etc), made me feel really nostalgic!

  11. I love that "Thumbs up, mate" gesture like you're about to prop start his Sopwith.

  12. thanks Lin!

    Maalie yes mate.. seeing I lost the last posts I am replacing them slowly...