Saturday, December 15, 2007


Looking out across the Landcruisers bonnet.

Part One:-

I don't know what it is- but sometimes when I make a snap decision it does not always work out for the best.

I mean , it was evening, I was in the kitchen about to cook dinner, when I said to Dave:- "Dave! Lets go camping!".....Just one of those "spur of the moment things" you know...

So we set off.. The track was dark and, with recent rain, slippery. Water lay in sheets and the creeks were full. A careful path had to be chosen....

But we were not daunted. The vehicle is capable and sure footed. Simply engage four wheel drive and "hey presto!" After a short time we had arrived at a beaut camp site. Fire wood lay in abundance. Soon, (and with one match I might add), we had a nice fire.

We were close to the Grose Gorge and the sound of rushing water could be clearly heard form the gullies below. The view from the top is simply beautiful, as trees danced in the firelight..

After some time, and staring thoughtfully into the fire I suggested to Dave:- "Dave lets eat!" I went to the vehicle and searched everywhere.... and I mean everywhere. Under seats, in the draws, ..everywhere....

I HAD LEFT THE FOOD BEHIND!..... There was nothing but the growl of our stomachs... "Idiot" I thought to myself... I suggested to Dave that it "did not matter" and we could just hang around..

But it go too much, I said to Dave:- "Dave.. lets go home!" He agreed with enthusiasm. So we did.

And that was that!

Part Two:- So, with yesterday firmly "forgotten". It was time to make amends by riding the MTN bike... Solid!

So I loaded the vehicle up and headed out..... It was a blue day when I left. It was a blue day when I recorded the Bell Miners too, (Trying to sound like David Attenborough). But that was about to change..

A thunder storm hit. Nothing better than watching lightening whilst wearing steel plated bike shoes on top of a mountain. Still, I was undaunted and continued into the storm.... A fast downhill, into a torrent of water which lay across the road...Then I simply fell off as the front wheel bogged into the soft sand.And that was that!

Part Three:- So UTTERLY devistated by it all, I limped into the kitchen and made a cup of coffee and stared at my scratches and bruises and the Galahs on the feeder...

Yep! I have a lot in common with them.......IDIOTS!


  1. That was quite an ending!!!!! You had me belly-laughing here ;-)

  2. Actually.... I wonder how this will be retold to the teacher...... "Daddy took me camping and he forgot to take any food!" Teacher will try hard to keep a straight face at this point. Maybe David had better stay home on Monday ;-)

  3. oh yes.... I struggled to keep a straight face too, and today I have a cold and I went on a MTN bike ride and it rained non stop.... and I got covered in mud and things just went bad to worse...

    Then I filmed the Galahs in the feeder and I thought they had a lot incommon with me!!!


  4. Sheeeesh.... you want to be healthy for when you fly to Europe.... go away cold... go away....
    Rain and mud? Sounds very un-Oz like! It has been a very dry December where I live in NZ, though very wet in some other parts. We just keep getting the humid northerly flow from Tonga. It looks like it might finally be leaving us on Tuesday.

  5. You did write this down to make us laugh, didn't you? Well, laugh I did, just like Kiwi. :-)))

    Are Galahs taking mud baths too??? The difference between them and you then would have to be the way they procure their food. ;-)))

    The free bird leaps
    on the back of the win
    and floats downstream
    till the current ends
    and dips his wings
    in the orange sun rays
    and dares to claim the sky.

    (Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings)


    You DO sound like an Aussie David Attenborough!

    Great post, I had more fun reading and looking at your post than my weekend in the storms and bush - we even didn't take enough food ;)

  7. :o)

    Kiwi:- its wet in the mountains and quite cold of an evenings

    Merisi:- The Galags are having a good feed ( unlike me!)

    Anon:- Glad you got a laugh! I certainly did , although stiff and sore today

  8. Masterpiece Theater! :-)
    Love that bird sliding down to the downstairs feeder.
    As for you, living precariously is what comes to mind.

  9. Simon, it's good to know that we are not the only ones occasionally made to feel somewhat inept and minor by Nature. I'm enjoying sharing that trek with you.

  10. hey! thanks everyone!


  11. Wow! What a saga! I hope your forthcoming trip to England will be more successful!

  12. You are a real adventurer, let's hope your son has your same spirit. I wonder, does he sing and dance too?