Sunday, December 2, 2007


I have a confession:- I LOVE frogs! So when I found these beautiful tree frogs at Kinchega National Park, I just had to say "hello". Everytime I visit Kinchega it seems to be same frogs that come out to say "G'day mate!" Or is that Bonjour?????

These are for my blogging friend "Anon". Check out her blogs.... if you can keep up! ;o)


  1. Tree frogs are the very MOST beautiful! Thanks for introducing us to your frog friend from Kinchega! Especially love his profile in the first photograph - what a character! They do sound like they say "Bonjour" more than G'day HAHA!!

  2. You don't need to confess your love of frogs. We all have our little perversions.
    We forgive you.

  3. Anon! you are welcome. There is also one photo of Le Frog sitting happily on my shoulder!

    Lorenzo! You runcible girl!

  4. Simon, you MADE my day. I adore frogs as well and am still going through withdrawal after leaving my pond behind. They are just lovely, lovely creatures.

  5. I am So glad you like frogs Lin.. they certainly are an indicator as to how healthy the water is in an area!

  6. Why would they say "Bonjour"..mmm???? :D