Monday, August 4, 2008

Melbourne Botanical Gardens

Melbourne Skyline

Another feature of Melbourne is its Botanical Garden. Generous in size, it has a number of features and walks that are enjoyable. On this walk I spotted Common Blackbird, Red Wattlebird and Bell Miner. Soon the path descends towards the lakes and swamps. These were a part of the Yarra river system and still provides a haven for bird life. Dusky Moorhen, Chestnut Teal and Australasian Grebe were found.

Common Blackbird

Further on I spotted Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Basian Thrush, and Superb Fairy Wren. The park is never crowded and there is always a sunny spot to sit and enjoy the views and trees. Each corner unique.

Purple Swamp Hen on the run

After about 5km and a few hours I returned to the apartment.

Birds Spotted:- Common Blackbird, Red Wattlebird, Bell Miner, Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Dusky Moorhen, Superb Fairy Wren, Basian Thrush, Brown Thornbill, Chestnut Teal, Yellow Rumped Thornbill, Spotted Turtle Dove, Australasian Grebe.


  1. I like the swamp hen!

    When I was in Melbourne some years ago I got out to the Dandenongs for a day trip.

  2. I love your Purple Swamp Hen. Seems to be very busy. Her name's greta! ;>
    Nice weekend, Maria

  3. MAte I got to the Werribee wetlands on the lat day. They talk about is as beiing THE major spot for migrating birds.

    got there, and they were dry! it was bizzare to use a hide and look across at grass seed eating finches etc instead of water fowl

    Maria- Greta! yes it suits her

  4. Mate, weren't you suppose to be looking for plants in a botanical garden?

  5. Haven't had time to read your post Simon, but looking through that post:-

    Your purple swamp hen in NZ is called a Pukeko.

  6. well I learn something new everyday!!!

  7. Simon, everything here is definitely bigger (though I saw a mini in the parking lot the other day, it was a shock!)

    But I'm not sure about better. The jury's still out on that one.

    And as to the naughty snigger - well I haven't an answer to that. Yet. ;-)

  8. Lovely - birds and botanicals!

    Finally got through all the million comments you guys left - have left you one in return on my blog!

    Have missed out discussions!

  9. yes susan! the debate is excellent! :o)

  10. I think you might like Cambridge Botanic Gardens, if you ever get to visit the area.

  11. I know you're off in Paris having fun with Maalie - but just in case he forgets to tell you - I sent my love to you with him! You are missed.

  12. Maalie and Simon in Paris, they must have girlfriends with them too....