Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jeep Pt 2

The work has begun! The boys washed, polished and cleaned the Jeep today. Its looking very good. A few things are missing, small items that will be easy to find and replace. For example, the eyes that are used to secure the windscreen in the down position. Its only a minor detail, but its in the detail that makes all the difference..

As you can see from this shot, the dash is quite original too, with only the blinker switch and choke knob are later additions. If you look closely at the floor on the passenger side, you will see some surface rust on the floor. Again with modern rust killing agents and a coat of paint, it will be back to original.

One of the good things is that the manufacturers plates are still located on the glove box lid. This gives you the year model and who made it... Either Ford or Willys.

She has not been registered since 1976, and not driven for 5 years. Today I found that the original plates, (which are still on the car), were available for re- registration and so I placed the order. These will be ready in three weeks. A rare find after 30 years in hiding....

On Monday it will be taken by Tilt tray to the mechanic who will perform a full service, and provide the safety inspection report for registration purposes. It will seem funny to drive a car with no seat belts, no air bags, no doors and no roof! fun in fact!

I hope, that over the next few weeks I will locate the roof and she will look like this one:-

This is a full winter roof set up. There are many variations eg canvas 1/2 doors and a roof with no curtains etc...

So after a few weeks of stress I am finally enjoying the Jeep as a distraction...stay tuned!


  1. anyway- even with a roof they leak like a seive!!!!!

  2. I can see you and Maalie cruising around in this. It looks good fun, with or without a leaky roof.

  3. Yes, we'll go rounding up some emus in it!

  4. Did you ever see the Popeye cartoons that had "Jeep" as a character?
    Google "Popeye Jeep". You tube has animations and Wikipedia says:

    >It has been theorized that the Jeep vehicle was named after this character: soldiers in World War II may have nicknamed the machine after the then-popular character because they shared an ability to "go anywhere".<

  5. Maalie- they are unstoppable in the bush for real!!

    Lilah- I will have a look seems a great concept.

    I also read that, when the american government called for a tender for the design, they referred to a vehicle that was "General Purpose" or GP. Hence Jeep!

  6. the other thing I need to fit to her is the rear view mirror which I have.

    Maalie- I am going to drive her on a sunday down to the Kurrajong village to get my beer....

  7. Simon, well I guess the beer will have warmed up to a decent temperature by the time you get it home :-)

  8. yes it would be at outdoor temperature!

  9. Looks like you folks don't have the rust problems, at least not to the extent we have in Michigan. Snow, ice and salt season is soon to begin, and it's long here, and hard on vehicles.

    Those jeeps are probably built quite well, and are good for your terrain there, I imagine.

  10. hi Ted! yes you are right. The is almost no rust in it. the only trouble with Jeeps and landrovers are they are a bit slow on our long roads mate...

  11. Hey simon...... how does the jeep manage in snow? I have just been reading about snow you have just had in the Blue Mountains..... Talk about climate change mate!

  12. Kiwi- for real its freezing.... like the middle of winter. we had hail, rain and snow here.....

  13. That looks such fun Simon, and fancy finding a jeep that is older than you are!

  14. Envy rearing its ugly head here.
    No, not Jeep envy.
    Boys who clean cars envy.

    Any news about a roof over your head?

  15. :o)

    A jeep older than me? gawd Lorenzo you are making me ancient!

    Roof over my head Merisi? double meaning perhaps! ahahahahah! ;o)

    The jeep is still at the mechanics, and I do have to go over to the previous owners place and pick up some parts...

    I was goping to get a Vespa to buzz around on- but i think this is cooler..

  16. I think it was a bad link Simon, from my blog to yours. I had intended to find the correct URL and re-create it but I haven't been on the blogosphere in more than a month!

  17. I noticed Ju's! are you home sick yet??