Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Look at what I have just bought! A 1944 Willys Jeep. Fantastic History. Belonged to a well known car dealer for 30 years and sat in his Ford showroom on display, moving later to his Jeep showroom.

It is complete, and very original. I am going to spend sometime preparing it to drive again. This will require and oil change, and freshening up the engine with a service..I think it will be both exciting and fun!

Sorry for the lack of posts but I have been flat out....


  1. She's very pretty. You made a good investment.

  2. hey thanks May! yes she is indeed!!

    you have good taste and yes Its a good investment. I have been offered 3 times what I paid for her, but she is not for sale... :o)

  3. She
    May be the beauty or the beast
    May be the famine or the feast
    May turn each day into a heaven or a hell
    She may be the mirror of my dreams
    The smile reflected in a stream
    She may not be what she may seem
    Inside her shell

    Indeed, beautiful she is! :-)

  4. My father would have loved that jeep-he was crazy about them!

  5. Merisi! A poem about a JEEP! now that IS cool!!!

    Ilva! for real?!! I think she is beautiful and your father had good taste. x

  6. I obviously do not have good taste, as this jeep just leaves me cold ;-)

  7. what a shame- It would leave you cold in winter Kiwi!! :O)

  8. The first car I ever rode in was a 1950 willy's, it was the first car I ever drove too! My dad kept it running for years and years and countless thousands of miles. He always promised it to me. The week he finally said I could have it, it was stolen. I've watched for it for years, I've even dreamed about it:)))
    I remember one Christmas riding all the way to Utah. Spent Christmas Eve on a mechanics lift somewhere in Wyoming... freezing, trying not to move for fear of knocking it off the lift.Ah, good times, good times.
    Has yours been restored? Looks awesome!How do you spell Jealous?

  9. HELLO Lilah!

    It was restored about 30 years ago..but has done nothing since! So apart form some minor work, she will be ready to drive quite easily!

  10. Ah, some people have all the LUCK!

  11. So I guess that is a replacement vehicle for the troopie? Oil price4s getting to you 'down-under' as well?

  12. runcible fellow! no mate- they are too slow- can you imagine drive the 1500km to the corner post at about 40kph!!!

    Fuel is $1.60 litre here!

  13. I should think it would be rather dusty driving along those roads in an open jeep. Great fun off road though, imagine getting in among the emus in that thing!

  14. yes they are funa nd brilliant off road- almost unstopable. I had one when I was young and you could go everywhere in it- they leak in the rain though ( even with the canvas roof)

  15. FANTASTIC!!! i hope you are able to restore it to your dream.