Saturday, November 22, 2008

A day on Sydney Harbour

40 Baskets Beach. Sydney Harbour.

Every year I invite about 20 of our corporate guests to have a conference and discuss the fleet market. We have lunch at Nicks Seafood restaurant at Darling Harbour and then spend some time on the boat.

Our boat- 50 ft Key West Moored on the far left.
At high tide, it will not fit under the Pyrmont Bridge because of the communication aerials and fishing out riggers.

Its a pleasant way to spend a day. But rather than show you the photos of a sunny Opera house I thought I would show you a different perspective on the harbour. At sunset.

Even at night in unsettled conditions Sydney Harbour is a beautiful place to be.

Sunset, as a storm approaches, just prior to all the lights being switched on.

Cockle Bay.

A few minutes later, same buildings but with the lights now on taken from the back of the boat. I always look forward to this day each year as we get busier heading towards Christmas.


  1. I see you have been having more snow over there!!!!! It was 27C here yesterday. It is supposed to rain here today but still be warm in the northerly....

  2. Wow! fantastic shots mate!

    Now then: what seabirds did you see? Surely a Tasmanaian Muttonbird or a Black Oystercatcher, at least?

    And did you deploy those fishing rods? Nice fresh fried snapper for dinner?

    Seriously mate, those pictures make me want to get back there...

  3. N-n-n-e-mo!! Dory and Marlin were definitely out there somewhere. :)))

  4. ahahah!

    Kiwi- I wowed the lawns in a beanie, jumper and a drizabone water proof... it was freezing. then we ran out of power and I had the generator running for hours!

    Maalie- not many birds just our gulls.

    Lilah- yes! and Bull sharks

  5. We had 29 here today and the air was humid straight from Fiji. Everybody was giving their kids nice easy quiet tasks this arvo! Supposed to drop to 20 for us tomorrow and be snow and gales in places...

  6. Must be nice, Simon, to have a warm Christmas. I guess that's on my mind as we have a blanket of snow outside, and more to come, with colder than normal temperatures here.

    Lovely pics, and indeed Sydney looks like a very nice place, as is Aussie land, I'm sure.

  7. Ah, nothing beats a day out on a boat! Beautiful views, makes one forget the cold weather here. Brrrrr.

  8. I dont know guys- I woke up to sleet this moring and I am wearing a jumper!!!

  9. this "moring"!! ahahahahah

    this morNing!

  10. I think now that I must come and visit you Simon!

    Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving - or whatever it might be that you celebrate in the fall - today for us it is turkey and pumpkin pie.

  11. Sydney is a lovely city thats for sure Susan!

  12. Whatever moring you were on,
    it was apparently not sunny side up!