Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jeep Pt3

This week, with a fresh battery,fuel, oil and grease it was time to see if she would start. I had no expectation when we hit the ignition. The Jeep sprang into life immediately! Amazing! She simply sat there purring away as if she had never been silent for all those years.

The clutch was a bit "sticky" and the starter motor "lazy". We switched her off and have taken the starter motor out to be reconditioned...

Stay tuned, as there will be a video of this historic event. Then I can dress up like these lunatics and drive to the bottle shop/cafe!


  1. I dunno- I still think she is cooler than a ducati or a vespa or...(dare I say it?) A moto guzzi!

  2. Even a non-car-nut like me has to agree this jeep looks more sexy than her aging corolla;-)

  3. Sexy? phrwar! That jeep is ravishing!

  4. I can't remember seeing a jeep precisely like that. Jeeps do seem like they'd be lots of fun, and particularly good for wilderness driving. But I guess I'd prefer one that will afford you protection, like a convertible jeep(?).

    Hope you're enjoying your summer in Australia (I'm missing the warm weather here, already. But we'll get warmer when Deb gets up- I'm thinking.)

  5. Kiwi, Lorenzo- she is for sure! I am even going to find out if she has the correct paint, and if not I will get her painted the correct colour. Its important as the US has very specific instruction on the type/style and reflective qualities...

    Ted- Protection? did you know that the fuel tank is under the drivers seat? the reason? US Military said that a stray bullet might kill the driver, therefore the fuel tank should be under the driver to try and keep the others ok...

    I like the fact that there i no protection, especially in this day of airbags, belts, roll over bars, crumple zones... :o)

    Summer here is just a dish!

  6. Sticky? Lazy? Sounds like me after a ight on the whisky!

    Yes, should be cool to take it to collect a case of VB!

  7. yes, and it will take the chill off the case too

  8. Yes, I would quite like a ride in this. I could enjoy the fresh air and ride over the rough terrain too.