Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jeep update

Troopie and Jeep loaded up.
Yesterday I decided to take the Jeep home. I borrowed a car trailer, strapped the jeep to it and away we went. The Troopie towed it well, although the climb up the mountain was slow and steady.

Once arriving home, the trick was to get the Jeep off the trailer. you see, the driveway slopes down hill, and the Jeep has no brakes, so giving it careful consideration I decided that I would use an old technique that is used in very rough terrain.

Reversed into the driveway.
In extreme off road conditions if you lack braking or the terrain is too loose or steep you can turn your engine off, and use the starter motor to turn the engine over.

It kinda goes like this:- 1. Select 4 wheel drive. 2. Place the transfer case in low range. 3. Place the gearbox in 1st or reverse. 4. Do not touch the clutch. 5. Hit the starter motor.
This allows the vehicle to move slowly by using the engine compression as a brake, hand brake and brakes (if you have them).

David learning how the Jeep works.

Hey presto! One Jeep off the trailer safely! What is amazing is just how many people really love the vehicle.

The Jeeps new home.
My neighbours all came over for a few beers and the children really enjoyed it. It even brought a smile to people who don't usually smile! over the Christmas break I will pull the brakes apart and restore them. Stay tuned.


  1. Um Simon, why didn't you just take troopy down the drive first, trailing jeepy? Troopy's brakes work don't they?

  2. Wish I could have joined you for those beers mate!

  3. Lorenzo- because the drive is only narrow and there is no where to turn! :o)

    yes mate and they are at room temperature

  4. yes- Frankly I cannot wait for the year to draw to a close and for the couple of weeks off so I can work on it, go birding, walking and riding.....

    I feel Rooted!

  5. At least you got 'er home safely ^_^ and ew beer lol. Gross

    ryn: are you sure?

  6. :o) yes its all very red necked.. don't you think so?

  7. Speaking as one who is currently living in redneck country in the eastern states, my gosh it so is lol. How do people drink beer? It's soooo not delicious :-P

  8. :o)

    Yes its an aquired taste. Have you ever tried vegemite?

  9. I suppose you even drink Guiness cold?

  10. My Nissan X-trail has two holders to put your cans of beer and the warm air from the heating system passes over the cans until they reach a decent temperature for drinking.

  11. yes- the x trails here blow cold air over them....

  12. I have never heard of vegemite. It sounds like vegetables. Vegetable juice? lol

    ryn: the sun has been skulking recently >.>

    today's verification word: under

  13. Those jeeps do look like fun. And especially in that nice warm weather you have over there. Christmas in the summertime. I'll take it.

    But the kids love the snow and snow men, so we'll just have to keep the cold and tradition here.

    Hope you're enjoying your spring/summer there. The green in the pics is beautiful.

  14. also, nice to see your son having a great time on your jeep!