Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Caterpillar D7G update

Well after a few months the D7G was sold to a dealer in Queensland. Here it is being loaded onto the low loader. Quite a skill in itself. The blade was removed, so as not to exceed the maximum width for our roads.

Jeep update:- Having purchased four new wheel cylinders and a new master cylinder, as well as new plugs, points, distributor cap, upper and lower radiator hoses and condenser, the jeep is now ready to be transported to the mechanic to have a tune up and have the brakes bled. As you know I cannot do this because of my arm.

So, within a week, the vehicle will be ready for rego and then able to drive! Oh, and I bought a gun mount with fits on the windscreen just above the dashboard. How cool is that?


  1. I take it the mechanic is not the same one used on a previous trip to the mechanic ;-)

  2. no! not at all! It took some time to find what I feel will be the right guy for the job

  3. Gun mount? Are you off on a stinky swamp wallaby hunt?

    Winter has returned to Europe!

  4. :o)

    they had a gun mount on the dashboard for a M1 Carbine as standard issue!

  5. So sorry to hear of all the deaths over there, with the terrible fires. Hope you and yours are safe, Simon. Am praying.

  6. Ted- thanks we are in a very high risk area, but its raining here.
    I have fire pumps, hoses, and the home is set up properly. My family know the fire drill too, as we have been in them before.

    The fires in Victoria are utterly tragic, many people were too casual about being prepared and left too late. In some photos people were fighting fires dress only ion a pari of shorts.. the radiant heat can melt a bucket of water up to 100metres away from the actual flames.

    Whilst the fires were unprecedented in their intensity, less peole would have dies if they were more educated about the risks..

    thank you for your thoughts.

  7. Simon,
    Glad to hear that you and yours are safe and sound. And ready on the eventuality of any fire. And that you're getting rained on. And we hear that at least the worst of the fires are over for now.

  8. Simon, I'm so happy to see your post. I've been off line with a dead modem and just got the news about your fires. I'm still worried about you and your family as it looks like there are still fires burning and/or new ones. They don't look as though they are too far from you.

  9. oh and the Jeep is totally awesome!

  10. Mate, Ms Sanderson's book is out in paperback - would you like me you a copy?

  11. Looks like you are set for a few adventures. I hope you have fun.

  12. Hope you're all okay over there. Just read of more fires. Must be awfully dry.

    Hope you're able to enjoy the jeep well before the cooler weather begins to set in.

  13. Lilah:- We are fine its about 800k away and we have had nice soaking rain for a week which is good.

    Thank you about the jeep! its progressing nicely.

    Maalie!! no thank you!! runcible fellow.

    Hi Ellee, yes new post soon!

    Ted, thanks mate