Saturday, February 14, 2009

Colo River

Wheeny Creek camping ground

With temperatures soaring well into the high 40c+ range, and with David and his friend looking for something to do, I decided to take them to the Colo River to cool off, do some fishing as well as a spot of birding.
 Fully equipped with fishing roads, buckets, lures, nets as well as binoculars, bird book and sunscreen we set off. The airconditioning in the troopie a welcome relief. We soon arrived at Wheeney creek  and after a few minutes spotted Yellow faced Honeyeater, Welcome Swallow, Bell Minor, King Parrot and Galah. Walking around the camp sites we soon spotted Lewins Honey Eater, Superb Fairy Wren and Soldier Bird. Davids friend Lochlan said "What's that bird there?" It was a Rock Warbler! I was pleased to be able to show the boys such a bird.

Colo Swamps.

As the heat began to climb we moved on and we soon arrived at the swamps in Colo. Here we spotted Purple Swamp Hen, Masked Lapwing, Dusky Moorhen, and Pacific Black Duck. Again we moved on quickly and from the car Spotted Crested Pigeon, Willy Wagtail, Australian Magpie and a White Faced Heron.
Not too much further we had arrived at the Colo River bridge. Needless to say it was a little busy as many locals tried to cool off. We decided to push onto the camp grounds. It's a very pleasant location, with easy car camping available and although busy, it was not as crowded as the bridge. The boys gathered their gear and after a few minutes had arrived to where they wanted to fish.

David and his friend.

The Colo river is a shallow fast flowing river at this point with white sandy beaches and rugged steep sandstone cliffs. It is one of the most beautiful places I know and formss part of the Wollemi National Park.
I chose to sit under a tree and read my bird book,(damn cast on my  arm!) whilst the boys fished. I doubted they would catch anything.. After a few hours they returned with flat head fingerling's, prawns and numerous other small fish we could not identify. A small crowd gathered to have a look and the boys had made numerous friends as they concentrated their efforts on the reeds and shallows.

Kicking back in the shade.

One fish of note is the Puffer fish. Like its cousin the stone fish of the ocean this fish has poisonous barbs so wearing sand shoes is essential or a trip to hospital could be in order.
As the sun began to shift it was time to leave. An enjoyable day was had by all. David placed his fish in his aquarium where the majority have survived and are enjoying their new surrounds.

A bucket of tiddlers.

Birds Spotted:-Yellow Faced Honey Eater, Welcome Swallow, Bell Minor, King Parrot, Galah, Lewins Honeyeater, Superb Fairy Wren, Soldier Bird, Rock Warbler, Purple Swamp Hen, Masked Lapwing, Dusky Moor Hen, Pacific Black Duck, Willy Wagtail, Crested Pigeon, White Faced Heron


  1. Jeep update:- I made new leads, fitted new plugs, points, distributor cap and added a special ingredient to the fuel so it can run on unleaded fuel without burning a valve, and fitted its roof...

    Still raining here (Colo river post was a week ago)

    Fires in Victoria:- They have arrested a man who lit the fire that killed 100 people. Most fires are under control but may flair up as more hot weather is predicted this week..

  2. I like those kind of foot shots- and they show you have the same warped sense of humour as me!
    It is raining here this afternoon as well, after gorgeous weather yesterday. I wish it was possible to give Victoria some of our rain....I'd be too scared about snakes to swim in the Colo River... and then you tell me Puffer Fish. Dangerous land you live in!

  3. I think you're an amateur naturalist yourself, Simon (I can't call myself that, but I have a friend here who is).

    Our winter drags on here. Rather long, and we look forward to Spring. Good to see the pics and that you could have a nice get away with your son.

  4. Kiwi- We have floods to the north, fires to the south and a number of shark attacks in Sydney!

    Ted- I do love nature- thats for sure

  5. Nice list of birds there, mate.

    Oh, are they the fish that are causing the problems in Sydney?

  6. thanks mate- no they are not the fish causing the trouble... they are called Sharks... Bull sharks to be precise

  7. I had never heard of bull sharks before.... just looked them up.... seems like they don't come here: perhaps our water is not warm enough. Phewwwwww! Yet another Oz danger we avoid ;-)

  8. yes- A bull shark is a solid shark that can swim right up rivers, and loves the darker areas of lakes and estuaries. They can grow to about the size of a small car.

    Because the water is usually murky, they will " have a go" at most things that moves..

    A guy got his bottom bitten off when he swam across the Parramatta river is a "fresh water section"

  9. ...and to think that I have blithely swum at some Sydney beaches.....

  10. Fishing and birding, what a great time you and the boys had!
    But those sharks... Sounds horrid!

  11. Wonderful music, how clever and I love the fishing pics too.