Saturday, May 2, 2009

WW2 Jeep Update.

American Soldier in a Jeep

Well, its running, but there is still a lot to do and I broke down whilst climbing the mountain. Some of the oil leaks have gone, others have sprung up. I am going to convert the electric fuel pump back to the original mechanical one. I think fuel starvation was the cause of the trouble. I also flattened the battery, and have bought a trickle charger to keep it in tip top shape.

Australian Soldiers on patrol in Jeeps

The Jeep makes the garage smell like old leather and canvas which I enjoy. It has a new shovel as the one on it was not the correct shape.

Landcruiser- the gearbox is repaired but the mechanic forgot to tighten the drain plug so I ended up with oil all over the driveway, and had to finish the job for him.
US soldiers with French guides 1944 France
Oh! I discovered a really useful blog about Jeeps.. What Bob does not know does not seem to be worth knowing. I placed a link to it. Check it out!

Frankly its very pleasant to put a CD on, and get the spanners out for a tinker.


  1. Sorry- not much else to post about. I was going to the UK, but missed the cheap airfares and have to pay off a tax bill.... frankly I am feeling flat....

  2. Hang in there simon. It might be cheaper in the UK next year anyhow!

  3. yes I hope so- perthaps later in the year!

  4. Sounds interesting. Restored like new? Or just functional as good as new, or not too used? At any rate jeeps do sound like fun and good for certain terrain I would guess.

  5. Hi Ted- My jeep is what I would call a "sympathetic" 1970's restoration. It sat in a Ford dealers showroom from some items are leaking becasue of lack of use.

    It has a few things that a restorer would not do today, e.g. It has an electric fuel pump- rated as a 12 volt running through a 6 volt system.. I will return it to a mechanical set up.

    It also has things welded that can now be replaced with original/ replica items eg the bonnet hinge is dodgey.

    The colour is not accurate- all Jeeps came out with paint called "Olive Drab". Mine is gloss.

    The drivers windscreen wiper is from a 1950's car. 1944 Willys had hand operated wipers.

    All these items I will repair and replace. It will never be a concorse winner, but it will be very genuine and reliable when finished. They are brilliant off road

  6. Well - jeeps are better than nothing! I understand about tax bills - they bite! And one definitely took a bite out of my budget this month. But, where is the other blog? The link is missing from you profile page!!

  7. Hi Susan,

    Well, I really do enjoy my jeep thats for sure, and the tax is partially my fault but also my tax agent who did not advise me.

    the other blog... Um, I am not too sure I want to go on with it. Frankly, circumstanses in recent weeks do no want me to write about my family...

  8. I like the picture of you riding that very fine horse!

  9. thanks! yes its an Australian Stock Horse, which I re educated as it came from a poor background. I had him for a number of years and then he went to a riding school... I then got an Australian Brumby

  10. Ah, the secret is exposed: you're just a boy wanting to play with car engines :)

  11. Wow! You are a real good-looking guy in that top picture!

    Glad to hear you have at least got it moving, I trust the teething troubles will be fixed soon mate.

  12. Hope so mate- its a bit awful when it stalls on the mountain pass!

  13. Mate, are you replacing your bike with a horse?

  14. ... "and get the spanners out for a tinker" - I am sure you do not employ butterflies to help you tinkering, but what could they be, those spanners? ;-)