Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cattai National Park

The Hawkesbury River. From the wharf.

Highlights: "The Cattai Farm area, originally a land grant to First Fleet assistant surgeon Thomas Arndell, features Arndell's 1821 cottage, historic grain silos and ruins of a windmill believed to be the oldest industrial building in NSW. In a separate section, nearby Mitchell Park features a variety of plant communities, including rare riverine rainforest."

So says the National Parks and Wildlife information site. Its a beautiful park, with lots of domestic facilities and runs right beside the Hawkesbury River. I had last visited this park when Maalie was in Australia back in 2004. This visit was a little different as I was there the cheer on my son who was in the zone (area) cross country races.

The Troopie hiding behind one of the superb BBQ facilities.

Having come 3rd in his age group in the school, (with no training I might add), he was selected to represent his school in this highly organized event..

As I have said in previous posts, the Hawkesbury region was the First Fleets food basket and remained so for many many years, supplying the Sydney markets with fresh fruit and vegies. The area is a a flood plain, and as such soils are rich and fertile.

David in amongst it! 

The drive to Cattai National park is easy- Head west from Sydney towards Windsor, and take a right hand turn to Pitt Town. About 12km from this town is the park- clearly marked. Because if its historical significance, the park is well maintained, with shelters suitable for big groups, toilet amenities and pre booked camp sites are available. Bird life is immense, with Long Lagoon nearby, its a regular haunt for avid birders...

One of the many water birds. ( not my  photo)

However today I was focused on David, who despite a very bad cold ran about 45th out of 125 boys.

Well done David!


  1. I did not want to say this- but there was a disturbing number of really fat children, who, after running about 100 metres could go no further.

    I am proud that David competed, because his cold is quite bad and on his chest- frankly he could have stayed at home to recover. He has an "easy lope" about his running style, which, if he chose could become something more. :o)

  2. ps- my son is the only one with a smile on his face....

  3. Bravo!! And I have to say that the first and the last photos are WONDERFUL!

  4. Hi Ilva!

    thank you . the last photo os not mine though.. the rest are! :o)

    BTW If any of you are looking for new recipes that are fresh and healthy- visit Ilvas blog!

  5. Fat children? What lazy parents...

    I really love that photo of Pittwater in your sidebar,'s gorgeous

  6. you know Pittwater? there is more to you than just an amazing blog Braja!

  7. Very nice. Yes, looks like David knew you were getting a pic of him right then.

    What would we do without National Parks? At least that's true here in the United States, where it's too much about what we can get out of the land for our own consumption and lifestyle. Just my thought, there.

    Nice pics and good thoughts as always.

    Hope you are healthier than I at this point. I still have a nasty cold, and need to take it easy this weekend.

  8. ted i agree. and like you i have a cold...

  9. Hey, I remember that park! Great that you went there to support David, and good that you saw some water birds too!

    I had a bike ride with Worzel, Strudles and Jimmy yesterday!

    I hope both your colds are better soon!

  10. Great that David enjoyed his race... though I am never sure why running could make anyone smile ;-) Love those BBQ shelters. When I did the NT tour, they were all over the place...

  11. Flippin freezing here btw...nearly snowing at my place!!!!

  12. yes cold here too!

    I used to love running not now of course! :o)

  13. Great collection of photos, you do know how to show off the best of the region.

    Do you run the willys through that part of the bush? Had one years ago and was always surprised at the terrain it would take on.

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog earlier.