Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vale of Avoca

The Vale of Avoca ( yes that is a river down there!)

Situated only a few kilometres from my home is the Vale of Avoca. Named after the "Vale of Avoca" in Ireland, it is an impressive and magical sight.

If you are in Sydney, and see the Blue Mountains, you will see a large "cut" or ravine. This is the Vale. Its the mouth of the Grose River gorge, and the start of one of the most impressive gorges in NSW.

The photos do not do it justice

With rain, mist and fog about, the choice was- do we sit and watch a DVD, vegetate in the computer, or do we make the effort and get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors? No contest! We chose to explore the various tracks and rock formations.

Davids lizard.

Dave was straight onto a small bearded dragon which scurried across the darkened sandstones, as we walked towards the lookout. A railway track was attempted by early settlers and small amounts of the engineers track can be seen if you look closely enough.

Rock formations

After a few hours of exploring, and with rain falling we returned to the car. We plan to walk from the Vale of Avoca to Blue Gum Forest. The walk is difficult with large boulders, rock pools that require paddling, and plenty of scrub "bashing". It will take about 3 days, and we are both looking forward to it.


  1. you really have to be there to see it.... unreal!

  2.'s gorgeous despite what you said about the pics! My jealousy knows no bounds lol

  3. Beautiful. And if you told me it was Ireland, I would have believed you.

  4. Shadow- thanks! Its a LONG way down to the bottom and I fond it difficult to get that perspective in my photography.

    Willow- again thanks. The weather helped- foggy and wet.

  5. Looks like good rockwarbler habitat.

    Nice account. Of course the valley is named after the thriving avocado industry there, a fact that is not generally well known.

  6. Hi Simon
    What a bad blogging friend I am.. I missed this post!!
    Well you know my mum used to take us four kids up to the blue mountains whenever we all came down with colds and such... mountain air she said... either that or she was trying to throw us off the lookout at Leura Gardens.. which by the way my brother did try on me.. must be where I got my fear of heights..

    Hey I just remembered these little devil dolls that you could buy at Katoomba... they were made of some sort of thorn and were dressed in a red cape.. Do you know them?? boy.. that is a 40 year old memory!! weird!!!

    Well sorry you are back to the 6-7 days.. I am still bludging on vacation... poor but bludging. haha

    Take care xx Julie

  7. Simon,
    so good to see you and David out and about!

  8. Julie- yes in fact I do remember the thorny devils! You have a fear of heights..yea.. me too.

    I have always loved the Blue Mountains ever since I started to walk them with school mates in the 1970's ( now do i feel old!)

    Merisi!- Thanks! :o)

  9. Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes, in answer to all your questions. There is something magical about Irish music.

  10. I just found your blog and this immediately caught my eye. I've been to the Vale of Avoca in Ireland many times while visiting my cousins there. And funny enough, the family name is Cotter!