Friday, February 12, 2010

what I walk in

My boots in Weddin National Park. Australia
At the end of my foot is a boot, now you might find it strange, but I was reflecting on footwear. You see- I have very ordinary feet. I danced when young and ballet mangles feet ( as too does my blood disorder). So, what I wear has to work.
These are Scarpa Attacks. An Italian boot and are fantastic. In last weeks walk they were mostly in or on or under water. I have had them for almost 25 years!
My boots in the Lakes district of England (I am try to identify a bird)

Yep! They cost a mint when I bought them and even today a new pair will cost about $400.00.
These poor old boots are almost worn out. However in April I will be in England and will use them for walks there before I retire them and buy a new pair. I dont think I could throw them away as they are still very comfortable and the leather is like new.

Geez! The new pair may out last me! Even if you have good feet, good quality camping equipment is vital and could even save your life.


  1. Sydney weather is driving me NUTS at the moment. Everything is damp. I cannot mow, or do any maintenance on the house.

    46 days till I land in England! HOORAY!

  2. hahahaha
    Well they are Italiano!!! of course they are good!!! bene bene... Glad you had a laugh.. now wash those dishes!!! .. Julie

  3. You can keep the boots, just please hand me over that Indiana Jones hat, will you? You are coming to England? Woohoo! Are you going to be visiting with Maalie? What fun, how long are you planning on staying (and do the authorities know)??

  4. Scarpa - brilliant boots! I need new boots - mine are so comfy but not waterproof! Hard to find ones that fit nicely. I have funny wide feet! Hope you can make it to beautiful Shetland in April.

  5. "These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do ... "

    Cool picture, you at the lake!

    Mine are Garmonts, also Italian,
    and the offical outfit of the mountain rescue crews of the Austrian Police, I am told. I am very happy with them!

  6. To be honest mate I'd rather have 8 pairs for 50 bucks than one for 400! See you soon!

  7. I suppose it is better to be damp than tinder-box dry? Is the drought over now? Dams full?

  8. They look sound and if the leather is like new, why don't you just have them resoled? Just wondering. :)

  9. Julie- did do! and cooked too..

    Shrinky- couple of weeks,yep to visit Maalie ( someone has to teach him about drinking cold beer)

    Abby- I have narrow feet and the scarpas come is a super range of sizes. Mine are waterproof becasue tehy are the old "all leather" type. Lighter boots are fine but rarely waterproof. Shetland would be nice

    Merisi- Garmonts..I will check them out.

    MAalie- yea, but thats becasue you might lose them!! haha

    As for the rain- I dont mind it at all. The darling river is full, as too is a couple of Lakes and they are releasing water to flush the river out- so its ALL good and NO fires!! Yippie.

    Lilah- The sole is Vibram and is sealed onto the leather. I am not sure it would be sucessful. If I retire them I can still wear them as the tread wear is even. Its just a new pair will have better grip

  10. Well Simon, it's important to always keep a grip! :)))

  11. So where will you be walking in April Simon? What are you and Maalie planning? Good to hear you will be back in the UK soon.
    I agree it's well worth buying a good pair of boots. These seem like a good, trusted old friend.

  12. I will find out for you Ellee. not sure as yeat. I do know we will be walking to the Black Dog for an ale or two

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMON!!! Best wishes for the day .and hope this year is GREAT!! Julie