Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday rides

The XR250 and CRF150F

Whilst I did a 25km mountain bike ride to Wheeny Creek ( where I saw my first Rock Warbler), the boys went for a motor bike ride. David on his new CRF150F, and Davids mate, Logan, on his XR250. Thats Dave with the helmet on. Both bikes are full sized, althought the XR250 is massive, and Logans feet dont touch the ground. He is a very good rider and the boys have their Camel backs, helmets and other saftey equipment.

A much quieter and carbon neutral option....

We chose the CRF150 ahead of other bikes as its a great introduction to the fun aspects of riding as well as being whisper quiet. Whilst that may not appeal to some riders, it appeals to me and I am sure, the neighbours. After a few hours the boys came back with mud from head to toe and huge grins. A top day had by all!


  1. young boys and motor bikes are a perfect match. my son and his buds were more into the 4-wheelers, but with the same mud bath.
    i would have taken the non-motor one

  2. Quadds are coolas well but you cannot ride them here if you are under 16.

    I agree- the bike is better...

  3. Hi Simon
    Sorry for my lack of visits.. internet sucks at new place..

    Well looks like you are still out there having fun!!! you should link this post up to Suzan's Genesis project!! good eco choice!! have fun xxx Julie

  4. Hi Julie- no worries of course! Perhaps I will have a look at the genisis project!

  5. Crikey mates, are those kids old enough to manage those monsters? Presumably they can't take them on public roads? Wouldn't a kayak have been more suitable?

    See much at Wheeny Creek? Lyre Bird maybe?

  6. HI mate- yes its a funny thing to watch especially Logan on the 250- he has to start off flat out as his feet dont touch the ground, if he goes too slow he would fall over...

    I did not see much at Wheeny mate- I just kept riding.. Bell miners though!

  7. This looks great fun. Remember to wear your helmets though.