Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Birding on the run and why I like blogging

Black Kite. (Not my Photo).

Well, I am away for a few days and having to travel a couple of thousand kms, to stop boredom setting in I have decided to bird on the run. What it means is- I dont stop and if I cannot be sure, I dont list it. This is what I saw as I drove.

Great Egret, Intermediate Egret, Austrlian White Ibis, Little Pied Cormorant, Dusky Moorehen, Grey Butcherbird, Red Rumped Parrot, Purple Swamphen, Red Kneed Dotterel, Galah, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Black-shouldered Kite, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Australian Magpie, Australian Magpie ( White backed form), Australian Raven, Little Raven, Magpie Lark, Common Myna, Pied Cormorant, Little Black Cormorant, Great Cormorant, Willy Wagtail, Nankeen Kestrel, White-winged Chough, Straw-necked Ibis, Little Egret, Australian Wood Duck, Hardhead, Chestnut Teal, Black kite, Wattlebird, Noisy Miner.

Not a bad list at 120kph. As you can see- they are all big birds. Its too hard ,(and dangerous), to identify little brown flitty things. The ease of the water birds was as a result of the rain and all the dams, lakes and water courses were full, giving me an easy opportunity to see a "sitting duck."

Now here are some of the reasons why I like blogging.

1. Its a diary of sorts. Allowing me to record some of the things I like to do.
2. It keeps me in touch with my friends around the world.
3. It motivates me to take photographs and stuff like that.
4. I enjoy the bloggers that I have never met, yet there is a link with them.

An example of this is- today I stumble on a post where Sylvie Guillem is the title.. I did not search for it but its a "link" to a blog I have never read before.

5. By reading other blogs from around the world I learn things too and I find other bloggers encouraging ( as I hope I am as well)

I guess- at this point it fills the void that I would have filled with my music.

So- to my fellow blogger, Bricolage, here is a "Make My Day" award for your post on Guillem. (you may copy it from the side bar of my blog.. its right at the bottom)


  1. looks to me like you re driving on the wrong side of the road.
    is it just the highway or do you drive on the left?
    i like the miner guys name.
    i didnt recognise the tune but i sense by the volume its something you like?

  2. hahaha! very funny Laura- we actually drive on the correct side of the road. I think it was the french who changed it as a protest.... yes I like the song and it keeps me awake as I drive non stop for 8-9 hours...

  3. Hey Simon
    It does look like you are on the wrong side of the road!!! get back to the left !!! now!!

    So I agree blogging is great for all the wonderful ppl we meet.. Susan is one of my email buddies and I feel very lucky to have found her in blogging land...

    Blogging also has pushed me to get behind the camera... speaking off I am debating whether to buy a new one today...

    Sorry took me so long to get over here.. everything out of sorts since my move..

    xxx Julie

  4. Yes, one of the few thinks you convicts learned to do correctly is to drive in the right!
    A nice bird list mate, a little surprised at no Apostle Bird or Emu there.
    Do think there will still be plenty of water by April?

  5. no emus mate too close to the coast. there will be plenty of water in april and i hope the roads will be dry

    Julie! thats the break down lane on the left!!! Yes grab a new super duper camera! I know I need one!

    As for susans blog- the link of the Guillem was amazing! :o)

  6. why am i still confused as to which side of the road is the "right" one?

  7. Why is the steering wheel on the wrong side?! D: oh, man! What...what is this...I don't even...OH, THE HUGE MANATEE!

    XD Nice bird. Blogging is pretty cool for exactly those reasons, I agree. It's also dreadfully sad when they just...up and vanish at some point.

    ryn: I guess it says something that my humour is still intact? But not according to normal people lol. I just have so many issues getting over everything...especially since my mother is still...well, my mother. How long did it take for you 'to acknowledge the abuse, and to move away from it,' if you don't mind my asking..? (I'm quoting cuz I'm tried as cats and it's easier than actually thinking up my own sentence. Which I guess I kinda just did to explain why I didn't...I fail at life >.<)

    Also, you should know that your word verification is hydra.

  8. Its a motor way so there are 2 lanes each way with a grass strip dividing the roads..

  9. The grass strip is called the 'Central Reservation'.

  10. That is an impressive list up there, my friend!

    Ahhh, blogging. Yes. I find it hard to remember the time before I became a blogger! It's (sad person that I am) such an important part of my life now. Initially, I wanted simply to flex my writing muscle, having no idea how much more I would discover out here - it's the people I've met, and the wonderful friendships we've formed, which makes it so rewarding. Only a fellow blogger can understand!

  11. Jim- thanks mate-

    Shrinky- I agree 100%