Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Outback

The shearing shed.
One of my favorite places to spend Christmas is Kinchega National Park. A former glorious sheep station (the largest in the world) it ran from the 1860's through to the 1960s. Situated along the might Darling river and the Menindee lake system. It has a fabulous history. The Wool shed is amazing, as too are the shearers quarters and kitchen.

The shearing stands- You can sense ghosts here.

There is ample to see and do with lots of wildlife, fishing and swimming. Yes it get hot, (in fact it was 50c last time we were there),but you know what I like the most? No Computers, no T.V., no Radio and no phone signal. Its a reminder of how it was 100 years ago. Its peaceful and so iconic Australian

The shearers accommodation

With the wide spread rain it will be very exciting to see all the dry lakes full of water and the bird life that they support.

A Goanna enjoying a sun bake on a table

I am also looking forward to the trip as my son has promised to teach me how to paint....

Emu on dry lake bed

So that will make the 12 hour drive even more worth while!!


  1. Simon
    that second shot is wonderful.. they all are.. but the light in the 2nd is so atmospheric.. [for want of a better description]

    So did I ever tell you I was chased by an Emu [or was it an Ostrich??] at Bullens Animal world when I was about 8 or so.. My siblings just stood there and laughed as I went round and round in circles.. literally!!! blaaah.. bloody family.. hahahahaha I can't see an Emu now without getting the heebee geebees [how the heck do you spell that? haha]

    Okey dokey.. by the way.. i have your darn flu now!! it's touch and go.. hahah ciao xxx Julie

  2. I know that emu!! in fact I have a photo of it 100% true Julie!

  3. I love that photo of the shearer's quarters- with the blue blue sky against the green of the trees, and the colour of the earth. It just looks like Australia!

  4. PS Your b***y redbacks are apparently spreading over here. But they need hot and dry and that doesn't happen much where I live!

  5. Lizard monsters on guys have the most interesting wildlife.

  6. Kiwi- thanks yes it really is beautiful. Red back spiders! don't sit on one Kiwi or they will put you in hospital!

    Lilah! How are you?? How is the art going.. We have wonderful wildlife here.. but you said you have bats in your garage! I LOVE bats. We had a bat in our house a few years back- lesser long eared bat in fact. Monty the python is really quite special- nothing to fear.. :o)

  7. I'm still recovering from reading that an emu chased Julie at yrs old. I'd still be in therapy.

    That suntanning lizardy thing is frightening. I think I better not visit the outback if I ever get to Australia. I would be shrieking the whole time. But these shots do evoke what we N. American wusses think of as The Outback. (Unless they go to that dumb restaurant...just thought of it.)

    Cheers, Simon

    PS: Learning to paint. Looking forward to seeing that (when they materialize).

  8. i like the guy sunning on the picnic table. apparently the biggest animal on this island is a fox. so what happens in this place now?

  9. Susan- You should visit the outback I am sure it pales into insignificance compared to your experieinces!

    Waiting to see my paintings- gulp.. Everyone is artistic in my family except me when it comes to paint!

    Laura- the goanna was a nice fellow not too stressed by us and not the largest i have seen

  10. It must be so extraordinary to see that kind of wildlife up close!
    Seriously, last time I ran into an emu, it was in a crosswords puzzle (flightless bird, in 3 letters)...

  11. it sure is Mary-Laure. nothing better than that and then kicking back to talk about ballet and the arts in general around a camp fire IMO! :o)

  12. Looks a good place for a New Year's Eve party mate!

  13. That looks amazing. No white Christmas for you then.

  14. Ellee- no white christmas for sure!

    Jim- that was a top night there a few years back!