Wednesday, October 27, 2010

English Shores and walks

When I travel I think a lot. About why we do things, both simple and complex. Here are some photos of some places I walked whilst in England

It funny how just the simple act of "walking" can make you think....

Walking and bird watching are very popular in England for a number of reasons.

Its a great excuse for a walk and it makes you stop and search for birds, which means you have to really look at everything...

I makes you appreciate the environment, and leads to healthy discussion about global warming, manmade impacts and the like..

Sometimes it makes you appreciate the smell of salt air, of farmers ploughing fields, and of good friends

Who are always in search of that something over the horizon...

And coming back to the Black Dog Inn for a pint in front of the coal fire!

A sincere "thank you" to Jim, Pam and Ken who put up with me almost every year and show me sights I will never forget.
Pam has broken her knee cap in a fall and I wish her a speedy recovery. Also a HUGE "thank you" to Worzel and Trudy for providing accommodation during the volcanic eruption and getting me to the airport.
Lastly a BIG "thank you" to the people I met, will never know, yet extended me every courtesy at every opportunity.. from the best pies shop in the world- Mables Pies, to even the co-op staff.... Lets not forget the Black Dog Inn- superb food, the best ales and friendly service..I hope to get back to Shetland soon too!

Heres to the next beer on Askam Pier!


  1. Mate, the castle accross the water is on Piel Island, that is my next kayaking mission as soon as the weather improves! I don't mind rain, but with the currents out there, you don't want a head wind.

  2. Simon--thank you for taking us along with you. I have been thinking about the act of walking, too. About my grandfather who walked more than anyone I knew. His was a small-town/urban walking of necessity, & of choice (I think). But he also looked closely at those strange birds called humans. Also at the landscapes, some wild areas on the edges of the towns in which he walked. I wish he had lived long enough for me to take him on a walk back in Wales or England.

    I hope we hear more about your travels in the future. (Possibly, you've done this & I have not read far back enough in your archives. For this I apologize & plead for a bit more time:)

    Cheers (& yes,what great friends you have--they are fortunate in your friendship. Something tells me that they would say that as well.)

  3. beautiful photos simon. im liking the look of the black dog and that pint too
    when i look at peoples houses, anywhere i go, i wonder what they do in there and why they chose that place... are they content etc. (and, how can they be?)
    maybe watching birds would be more fulfilling haha

  4. Maalie- sounds great idea mate, although that tide could be a bit of work. Have you thought of Kayaking to Roudsea to ring birds?

    Susan - you are welcome. Funny how you speak of your grandfather, its as if you are closer to him than your parents. I think grandparents have a strong influence.

    Yes you "need" ( not really but..) to go back through the archive. I did lose a lot of posts when i hit the delete button sssome years ago!

    Laura-I often wonder the same thing! I thought it was becasue I auction houses. But whenI travel I look at houses and wonder...

  5. coming from Wales originally many years ago it stirs memories .
    I am sure one of the photos is in Nth Wales