Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hartley Vale Valley.

Every now and then some things in life turn out to be fizzers, despite the best intentions and despite the "power of positive thinking". Last Sundays walk was exactly that (as too was Christmas and New year for that matter but that's another story for another time perhaps).

There is a sign in Hartley Vale that I have driven past for years, that indicates a walk along an old railway culvert leading to some historical ruins.
Hartley Vale is a very historic shale mining town with some great old buildings, the shale being mined to make kerosene, paraffin and candle wax.

It seemed to promise a great walk.

Well, it didn't. It was a road that leads to houses, and a HEAP of "keep out" signs, After 7kms of walking in the rain, not even the fresh air could revitalise my spirits. I simply walked back in the Cruiser and said "fizzer".

As for Christmas and New year. Lampoons Christmas is not far from the truth, and thats a story for another time.


  1. bugger.. that's' no good.. so hope your christmas and NY weren't too awful... Not sure I've wished you a happy new year yet.. sorry if I haven't... what can I say.. i'm a slacker.. haha.. Well I do hope this year is a good one for you and your family... I guess we are the lucky ones that we are not living up in QLD right now!!

    Take care xxx Julie

  2. Hi Simon, wondering how you are doing so checking in to see how your holidays treated you. Mine came surprisingly early and really just about came to an end this week. Snowed in for a couple of days... but you know it was ok by me.
    Been watching the news reports about your floods there... boggles :(!! Hope everyone you know is ok.

  3. Julie- you are right! could be a lot worse :o)

    Lilah- snow is vcery cool ( lol!) by me too. My mum is in QLD but ok at the moment

  4. haha i like that word... fizzer :)

  5. yes its a great word to say between clenched teeth Laura!

  6. No birds at all to report on that walk mate?

  7. no Jim and that made it even less interesting. As you know I very rarely complain or "write something off" but in this case its certainly one walk we will not be doing when you arrive!

  8. Hi Simon
    Hope your relatives are all ok.. and have not suffered loss.. xxx Julie

  9. All good Julie. They got out of Toowoomba the morning before the flood. Ken was watching the weather, and made thde call to evacuate well before the water hit.

  10. Glad your family is OK, Simon. We're all watching here in the US. So very sad.

    "Fizzer" has just become a new word for me. I intend to use it. Off to practice.


    Susan & little Julie

  11. thanks Susan! they are talking 20 billion dollars to repair and now parts of victoria are under water!

  12. I like the word "fzzers" and your connotation. Let's hope this is a great year for you.