Sunday, January 16, 2011

Glen Davis, Birding and Motorbikes!

The road to Glen Davis
With no auctions for the weekend, but with wet wether it was time to explore an old mining town called Glen Davis. There is a bird sanctuary there and the promise of 174 different species plus the drive through the old town made it for and interesting trip.

Some of the cliffs

Located about 45km in the beautiful Capertee Valley,(worlds widest canyon), Glen Davis was another old shale mine town, close to being abandoned apart from a few "die hard" home owners. The drive is also interesting as you border the Gardens of Stone National Park. I rather like the name, so a quick drive up some of the trails was in order. Whilst I did not see 174 species, there was still a nice view of Red-Rumped Parrot, Turquoise Parrot as well as Superb Fairy Wren. People with massive telescpoes and camera lined some part s of the road- a clear indication that the site is excellent for birding.

Abandoned shop

On Sunday I loaded the trailer with the motorbikes, esky, food , fuel, first aid kit and fishing equipement for the boys to enjoy a day on the farm. I sat under a tree by the beautiful fish river and red a book whilst the boys knocked themselves out for the day.

Ready to head out.

After many hours of riding and fishing it was time to head home.

Later that evening I kicked back with a beer and me old mate Midnight to watch some mindless DVDs.All in all a TOP weekend more than making up for the previous "fizzer" :o)


  1. no fizzer here... I just love that abandoned shop.. remind me of something??? perhaps it is just generally that era.. the awnings and glass front... reminds me of the local shop as a kid.. fab simon... glad you had a great time.. caio xxx Julie

  2. So, would that have been warm beer or cold beer Simon?

  3. Oh, and were there any cottages in that deserted town?

  4. Julie- you are right. I have taken to taking photos of old houses and buildings that catch my eye as a hobby....maybe I will paint them in retirement or something.

    Jim- Warm beer. BTW how many warm beers do I have to drink in view of our bet mate?

    There were cottages and I must confess they looked rough but lived in ( just)

  5. Mate, my Australian visitor with me now says that the results of the one-day matches pale into insignificance compared with the Ashes tests. I'm afraid it's warm beer for you until I leave on 28th April mate.
    Oh, my visitor was intrigued by the beer can warmer slots in the X-trail.

  6. Sorry to learn of the terrible floods you have had there. Many people here still don't believe in climate change.
    Trust Maalie to ask about the beer, our runcible friend :)

  7. Well, Ellee there is some debate regarding these floods as to whether climate change is a contributing factor. The floods in the late 1800's were in fact higher ( 8 metres+, as opposed to 4 metres+ this time)

    Its quiite a natural event in Australia. However it will be the rate of flooding and drought that is the cause for concern...

  8. i like the shop too. and whats esky?

  9. I like places with a history feel to it as well. An Esky is an australian invention basically and ice box you can put food and drink and keep cold when travelling.

    I have one that will keep everything fresh for a week and only uses ice bricks!

  10. i like the word esky too! and yes, LOVE bowie