Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Bike ride.

Well, I dusted off my Cannondale Synapse with the attitude " Well, it hurts if I sit and do nothing, and it hurts if I do better to do something!"

The bike was covered with dust, tyres flat, and it just looked awful. With a few squirts of WD40 and a rag I had it looking nice again. So I packed the car and took the bike to the "Lowlands" (which I have blogged about before).

Now, I have to admit that I was a little reluctant to push it, but I soon found my rhythm and was humming a long nicely, that was, until a young guy with legs like Cadel Evans shot past me like a car in the fast land on the motorway. It was only then I realised just how slow I had become in the 18 months since I have ridden.

This shook me out of my "Gee I am going well" thoughts, and I hit the gears up and tried to keep up. Well, I didn't.. Buuuut I think with continued effort I will give it a good crack.

The lowlands are beautiful- Polo fields, the river, hedges, turf farms and birds. Its a lot like riding along English country lanes.

After a short 25ks I returned home.

This morning I have woken up a bit sore but I am on a mission to get fit again and will be back Wednesday.


  1. Simon, have I ever told you that you are my hero? xxx

  2. I second Merisi's comment.

    (I miss riding a bike. but mine is no longer so it's not like I can dust anything off.)


  3. Merisi- thanks.. its not too heroic though ( not at the speed I was riding), I did read LAnce Armstrongs book and that was amazing!

    Susan- Nothing better than a lady riding a bike through the streets of Paris on a classic.. and there is nothing better than riding any sort of bike imo! :o)

  4. Wonderful to read Simon, I'm rooting for you - you'll be fast as in no time :D

  5. Well done Cobber - I am back doing 30K a day in Vienna - and will ramp this up when it gets a bit cooler - but it is a very easy ride here.

  6. thanks mate! yes this ride is quite flat. I am a long way off the steep hills that I did not so long ago.

  7. Sez HUGE thanks for the encouragement! :o)