Sunday, August 7, 2011

Meeting Badger

It was some with some trepidation that I had agreed to meet Badger from "Vienna for Dummies" blog. I mean, meeting someone for real can be whole different experience than what your expectations might be based on their blog.

However, with our mutual friend, Jim's, departure, I thought "why not?" It will be interesting to see another persons perspective on all of this.

So, I met Badger and family in Blackheath, (Blue Mountains), on a stormy Sunday afternoon and had a wonderful few hours in front of the log fire with a beer, chatting about friendships and life's experiences.

So, Phillip-thanks mate. Great afternoon.

I look forward to catching up when overseas with them.

Check out Badgers Blog at


  1. I never doubted for a moment that you two would get along. So glad you met!

  2. Excellent likeness Simon. Does me proud. See you in Europe.

  3. lol! yes mate for sure and thanks for the offer. I am hoping to be in Europe/Shetland in July 2012, all things going well with my ops...

  4. ps- merisi badger seems so...badgerish....

  5. We all met through blogging, strange as it seems, but also right in so many ways too. It was through you Simon that I was introduced to Jim. I'm glad you met Badger and got on well.

  6. Ellee- The internet has been a fantastic way to introduce like minded people. Overall its been fantastic. I have sadly "met" a couple of nutters but you can meet them anywhere I guess.