Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pelagic trip

Wollongong Harbour at about 6am. No, I am not using a blue filter!

With the weather forecast being "light occasional showers, south south easterly moderate winds and a one metre swell. Maximum temp 19, I thought it would be a near perfect day to go out and watch the scientists from SOSSA do their research.

The ocean a few minutes later.

I left home e at 4am for the 2 hour drive to Wollongong. As I approached the coast the weather set in and the rain and wind became heavier and stronger.
As dawn approached, the ocean, clouds, rain and land took on an eerie blue colour.

The calm shelter of the harbour.

Still undaunted I unloaded my kit and got into wet weather gear. Slowly others arrived and before too long we were aboard. Then the weather went "pear shaped."
As we sat idling the motors aboard the "Sandra K" The palms along the walkways began to blow sideways, the weather map beside the captains chair was show dreadful weather patterns.

Crested Tern

Still undaunted I stood on the deck as my boots filled with water, my pockets in my water proof filled with water and the rain began to run down the back of my neck, shoulders and into the back of my trousers.

The Sandra K. Sitting quietly

All whilst still in the shelter of harbour! 3o minutes later another trawler pulled in and our expedition leader and captain of the Sandra K decided discretion was the better part of valor, and we pulled the pin.

Sadly no Albatross this time, but I will say I got to talk to some of the SOSSA members, and a hot coffee and crumpet back at Lindsay's place was most welcome!

Crumpet and honey ( not my picture)

I was not disappointed with the weather. It brings its own type of beauty and reminded me so much of Shetland where it can be sunny one minute and a gale the next

Campbells Albatross. April 2011 trip

I am looking forward to the next trip on the 25th October. That afternoon with a hot shower and two jumpers and a roast, I thawed out!.

If you want to view some stunning photos of Pelagic trips and the beauty of the sea birds visit Well worth a look.


  1. I love the blue color. Ick about the weather...I suppose the spring brings that sort of thing. We're hideously rainy but very humid. Very uncomfortable.

    What is happening with the bird in bottom photograph?

    Haha...the verification word is 'chick' :)

  2. hi Susan. The weather is very inconsistant at the moment.

    the handler is controling the Albatross for the purpose of banding (ringing)it. They record its details and statisitcs before release. They caught one recently which was banded 40 years ago! There is one Albatross which is 62 years old

  3. I do not like small boat in lumpy seas. I much prefer crumpets on land.

  4. lol! any boat on lumpy seas is uncomfortable mate!

  5. The blues are out of this world beautiful, too bad they also meant you had a cold wet day ahead!

    Jim would love your picture of the Crested Tern!

    I hope the weather gods show mercy and sunshine and quiet seas await you on your next Pelagic trip!

  6. Drats, I had forgotten I was lock in with that stupid "MV" name (because my blog is still running the old blogger template, I needed to create a new blog to make a blog roll). xxx

  7. Thanks Merisi- when you expand the photos the blue is even more amazing. It was rainign at the time nad so everything looked washed in blue.

    The crested tern is one of Jims photos taken in April so yes he was pleased with that one! :o)

    I dont mind the weather at all. quite happy to be out and about

  8. Out for a bit of crumpet hey? ... Love that bird shot.. fabulous.. caught in flight!!!

    Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie