Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Some blogger friends are posting about photo shop and I was thinking about some of the shots I like and how, what, where I took them.

This shot is one I really like. I took this at dawn, whilst sleeping in my swag, on a beach at Green Cape. Green Cape is a national park and is way down the South Coast of NSW. I must have looked like I was something that had been washed up!

It was raining yet I was pretty toasty inside the swag. The camera? An old Nokia phone. The photo reminds me of the smell of the sea, the calm water of the bay, the contrast with the boom of the waves breaking on the rocks on the horizon where the sun meets the ocean.

Like the previous post sometimes the worst camera can take an interesting shot.

It was all gone within a few minutes.


  1. Great shot Simon
    Love those colours... the greeny blue is delicious..
    ciao xxx Julie

  2. I know when I was walking in France/Spain, a lot of the shots I took were quite 'mediocre' but they all bring back precious memories... and I love looking at them.

  3. so....its a "mediocre" shot kiwi. lol!! :o)

  4. I think I remember that particular image, Simon. Simply magic, a great shot.

    I absolutely agree, it is not the camera, it is what the eyes behind it see.

    Photoshop is overused, on the other hand, it is nothing else but a virtual darkroom, only more people have access to it. I loved working on my black and white images in the good old darkroom.

  5. That is a great shot. I use Aperture (Mac photoshop) because I love playing with photos and love 'saturation'. It's a personal thing.

  6. I love saturation too- usually beer saturation lol!!!!

  7. © Badger:
    You can program your camera, just put saturation up a notch or two.

    I always have a good chuckle when people go on about Photoshop, how they never manipulate their images, and so on. And then they don't realize that their wonderful automatic cameras have a built in darkroom, i.e. photoshop, where all the work is done before they even see the picture (and that is the fantastic thing about today's digital cameras - you can either let the camera do the work, and they are very good at it, or do it yourself in Photoshop. Either picture has been "manipulated". To its best advantage, one hopes! ;-)

    I have lately taken to captures pictures with my cheapo cell phone. Magic!