Monday, November 7, 2011

Ankle update

They are not going to fuse it (YAY!). However, on the 14th of December they are going to open up the ankle, remove what's left of the cartilage, then clean the damage out, take the cartilage away and grow it in a dish for 6 weeks.

They then put it back in the ankle. The upshot is an 80% chance of success and ankle movement without pain. The down side is 12 months before I can put weight on it. They will replace the hip in June whilst I am recovering from the ankle.

So there is a HUGE shift in my future coming up.

Perhaps its the drop kick I need. So- here's to sitting still for that time! Ouf!


  1. Sounds promising Simon. Now, just what do you plan to do with all that 'sitting' time?

  2. not sure Kiwi. I am stressed about it. But I might try painting or writing a book..maybe learn the banjo....

  3. Never heard of that procedure. Don't let them experiment on you too much.Liked the coke analogy

  4. Laura thanks!

    Ken- I dont mind mate as long as they put everything back.

    Hi BAdger, sorry I have not visted your blog been a bit crook.

    Ankle boots- nice ;o)

  5. I delete the spammers like ankleboots Simon!! Hope your ankle is doing ok in the lead up to all this...

  6. I am thinking of you!

    I have a friend, a nurse whose husband is a medical doctor, who expects a similar procedure on her knee.
    She is confident it will work well.

  7. Hang on in there Simon - I think of you every single day of my life

  8. HI guys! many thanks. Sorry for being silent on the blog and sorry I have not posted your comments ( I did not realise that I had moderation on!)

    New posts soon. I got some great advice from a good friend about the ankle and despite the financial stress of it ( off work etc) I am really looking forward to getting it resolved!