Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yoma Sabina. The Lurcher

The Lurcher!

(Photo Courtesy Stella Crosley)

With back burning operations occurring in the national park, Dave and I thought we would walk the fire trails before the fires reached our favorite spots. A beautiful warm day, with a light breeze, it was not too long before we spotted Lewins Honeyeater, Whip Bird and Eastern Spinebill. Last week I observed the Glossy Black Cockatoos feeding further down Wool Wash creek.

The Warratahs were in full bloom and they looked superb, as too were numerous other flowers. Butterflies were in abundance and we noted this one we had not seen before, looked it up and I thought "what a funny name for a butterfly" I posted it.

After a 2 hour walk talking about motorbikes, bushwalking, birds, we returned home hot, sweaty, and tired but all the better for it. I hope the birds and animals will be ok with the fires that will soon appear.

Later that afternoon we went for a motorbike ride. Heaps of fun and quite eerie with the fires burning alongside the track.

NOTE:- Full apology to SOSSA. I was booked to be on the boat today, and got the date mixed up with next Sunday. My own stupid fault. Worse still the boat sits in harbour and waits... So, to Lindsay Smith and the 12 or so people waiting for me .... I am utterly sorry.. I will gut fish, swab the decks, turn the sausages at the next meeting to make amends. Its the least I can do.

Birds seen- Crimson Rosella, Australian Magpie, Lewins Honeyeater, Eastern Spinebil, Whip Bird, Laughing Kookaburra, Galah, Noisy Miner, Red Wattlebird, Currawong.


  1. Flora and fauna are truly outstanding in Australia!
    Glad you had such a good time, even though you missed the boat, this time.

  2. Now, this I like. Nothing scary. (Except fires)...I mean the lurking Lurcher.

    You missed the boat, huh? I'll leave that one alone. Simon, you make it too easy on those of us who wisecrack. ;)

  3. ahahahaha! Susan. I did fall off the bike but I had had 2 beers..

    Yes the lurcher great name and quite beautiful in flight Merisi

  4. i missed the boat this summer too :)
    i love those flowers

  5. Hi Laura. many thanks for dropping by