Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pacific Park.

The three bikes. (L to R)- Honds Cr125 motocross, Honda Crf150F Trail, Honda Crf250xb Enduro and one FJ Landcruiser.

As per my previous post, I am finding it difficult to sit still. The boys are feeling the same. So, I thought it was time I took the boys to the motorbike park and see how I go driving the car. The weather was warm and humid but not as bad as the previous days 38c.
As best I try, I was not much help, and the boys loaded and unloaded the bikes for the afternoons activity. Upon arrival I simply got a chair and read yet another book. Both dust, noise and the smell of racing fuel filled the air..

Setting up camp. The unusual door configuration proved a useful change room

Needless to say, the boys rode with great gusto for 3 hours. David dropped the 250 and bent the forks, Logan's rear wheel nuts fell off and that caused a bit of drama as well. To top it off, Dave decided to ride to the shops on the 150 to get some drinks. When he got back he only had one... The look on his face when he realised he had dropped them was priceless. (The shop was a fair way away)


After about 4 hours in total of riding we packed up. 3 clean bikes returned covered in mud and we were all covered in dust. We dropped the 250 off for repair... the mechanic was not happy at working on a dirty bike, ( I don't blame him and I felt guilty). The Cr 125 has new wheel nuts ordered.

Yours truly reading a book, waiting for the next dust cloud to fill my nostrils.

In retrospect, some serious damage could have occurred if the wheel just fell off and the 250 had a serious tank slap, ( handling problem), as a result of the twist in the forks. Before stopping home we went and had the remaining two bikes steam cleaned.

Despite taking my binoculars, there was very little chance of spotting anything. A few wood ducks flew past. Besides, standing with crutches looking though binoculars makes me giddy!

As for driving, well it was very, very tiring and made me sore today as I write (very in fact). So I am not ready to battle peak hour and return to work just yet. try as I might.

All in all a good day had by all!


  1. lol.. maybe I should post about lavender sachets....

  2. Ha! No, things quiet down on blogs a lot just after the new year. But your comment cracked me up.