Monday, January 9, 2012


The Fish River crossing. Quite fast flowing and deeper than usual.

It was time to capitalise on the beautiful weather by getting out again, this time back to the Fish River at Tarana in search of rainbow trout. Again I was to drive, use the crutches a bit, but basically sit and continue reading a book whilst others enjoyed a stroll along the mountain stream.
The track beside the river where I got tangled in barbed wire

The wind had picked up and the temperature dropped a bit, but it was not too long before a line was wet and trout could be seen in pursuit of the lure. I sat and enjoyed the pine trees, the smell of bush honey and hay. I did have a go at a bit of "bush walking" but I got tangled in barbed wire within a few feet of the we shall leave that for later.

Silvereye. (photo courtesy of Agmates).

Many of the usual bird were in the canopy. A little difficult to spot as the wind tossed the branches about, however I did get a brilliant look at a Silvereye. A charming little bird with a distinct white ring of feathers around the eye. Again the door configuration proved a valuable hide.

FJ door configuration.
As you can see from the photo above the door opening, whilst frustrating in a tight car park, proves a perfect "hide" for bird watching, with easy access to the binoculars, and camping equipment inside without spooking the wildlife.

All in all a nice way to spend an afternoon.


  1. coming soon- a special pull out section-

    how to dry Lavender to obtain maximum effect, a bonus sewing section on how to create the sachet PLUS how hang them on your rear view mirror without effecting the safety of your vehicle. FREE!

    hahahaha! ;o)

  2. I so look forward to the lavender sachet DIY project.


    I love the Silvereye - hadn't heard of it but that is not unusual for me.

    So glad you got out, Simon.

  3. You get some beaut big pics mate.

  4. thanks Badger- I am still using that old olympus water proof/shock proof thingy. Merisi is right, it over exposes some photos, ( which I delete), but when it gets one its quite ok.