Saturday, March 31, 2012

An evening in the bush

Setting up as the mist rolls in..

With the weather cool and dry for a day, I thought it time to get out and have a bush bbq. Dave chose to ride the Honda and meet me at trails end where we made a fire and cooked our sausages and onion rings. Later we had some billy tea. The fire was good! One match only ( I've still got it).

The track itself is the usual one however the rain makes it tricky in a couple of sections, ( I nearly slid into a gum tree), and the rain has made the undergrowth close in on the track, scraping the sides of the FJ.

A fire lit with one match.

After 3 hours it was time to return. It was Daves first experience at night riding on the honda. The headlight is awful. On descents with a closed throttle the headlight becomes dull, and its difficult to pick a line.

Still, a lot of fun was had and, after a short time, we had returned home all in one piece.

Oh- the research continues and the traps have been collected for hair analysis- I am hoping they can confirm Tiger Quoll. Described as a "native cat" they are a carnivorous marsupial and feed on smaller mammals, reptiles and birds.About the size of a large domestic cat. Its cousin, the Eastern Quoll, is considered extinct on the mainland of Australia however is still found in Tasmania. Quolls have a short life span of about 2 years. So, its a long shot, but you just never know!


  1. I'm so glad you guys went out. It sounds almost fun enough that I would have stood for it - about 30 minutes:)

    I have never ever seen that marsupial nor heard of it! Cool.

  2. HI Susan,

    Yes it was fun. A little difficult to "get going", by that I mean in view of my circumstances but once there and the fire is warm its terrific!

    As for the Quoll they are a grumpy thing, Like a Tasmanian Devil