Monday, March 12, 2012

Owl Research and Old Spice

Powerful Owl.

Its with some excitement that I discover our local council have asked Abel Conservation to do some research into the wildlife that exists in the bush behind our homes. As most of you know we back on to the Blue Mountains National Park. World heritage listed, It contains a major number of world Eucalyptus species and is home to a wide variety of fauna.

Boobook Owl

I contacted Abel Conservation to ask them what they are looking for and they are specifically looking at Owls.
I have seen three species of owl here. Powerful Owl, Boobook Owl and Barn Owl. Owls are very special. They are silent fliers, their wings are set so you cannot hear them as they flap, and they feed mainly on rodents and possums. The powerful owl is large, the barn owl is small. A powerful owl could take your cat, a barn owl could take a mouse, Just to give you an idea.


Akos Lumnitzer

Barn Owl

I am not going to write about them here. The internet has a lot of information about them. We start tomorrow. I am, looking forward to this very much, as I know little about them and I will keep you posted.

Below is an advert I did for old spice. I am not happy how they spray tanned me and my 6 packs a little less defined but....I hope you like it...


  1. I wonder what smell like a man means...
    depends of the man probably !