Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm Off!

 My last trip to the corner country. Crossing a salt pan.

I  am  excited to say  that I  have received the phone call from  the owners of Thurloo Downs and will head out early  next  week to visit. At 1.3 million acres its the largest privately  owned land holding in Australia, and features in our Australian history  and specifically  in my  family  history.

The road surface in the "Corner Country" rocks as large as house bricks in some spots.

It was 2006 since I was last  out in that part of the country. It  has always held a fascination for me long before I  realized my  close family links to  the area. The Bartons, Dunks, Kennedys, Howchitts and the Goodes all are linked to us.

Flocks of Budgies make a beautiful sight!

I  am  not sure what I will  feel wandering through a historic home and property where the ghosts of family  past  still linger. All I  know is- it will be amazing.

Its about a 12 hour drive on some rough roads and with  all the floods it should be interesting. The bird life should be good too!