Monday, April 30, 2012

Mt Banks

Sat map showing the trail.

I have posted many times before about Mt  Banks and its a favorite of mine for walks and mountain bike rides. The views are stunning and the tracks and trails are easy  and well defined in the main.
There are also less defined trails, that lead to wonderful lookout points and wander deep into gullies.

Brown-headed Honeyeater. (photo c/of "I")
For the inexperieinced I would strongly  suggest sticking to the main fire trails, (its easy  to  get lost), and respect the cliff edges as its a loooong way  down.

My  ankle felt fine and I  thought in order to  get fit again another walk was in order. I  spent 2 hours on the trails and enjoyed the bird life, some I  had not seen before which  was a thrill.  A simple lunch  of chicken and cheese sandwiches, banana and an apple kept the fuel levels up in the 11c conditions.

All in all a fantastic way  of spending a few hours.

Fan-tailed Cuckoo. (photo c/of "A matter of flight").

Birds seen:- White-eared Honeyeater, Eastern Spinebill, Welcome Swallow, White-cheeked Honeyeater, New Holland Honeyeater, Variegated Wren, Fan-tailed Cuckoo, Brown-headed Honeyeater, Pied Currawong.