Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rubbish Dumps

One last muster?

All of the pastoral properties have a dump. This is where anything that has been worn out, or broken go to rest. Naturally, over an entire life time of the properties these become important archaeological places. You can trace the prosperity, the hardships, and the lifestyle of the people who worked there.

One last run before the end of day

I wandered throughout the place and found pumps, a dozer, motorbikes, trucks, utes, fact a host of items that I found interesting including the usual steam engine tractor. Most of these consumed so much wood that they were left stationary to drive the shearing shed.

I think I can make it back!

Some units dont make it back to the dump. This old truck was left standing near the chiller room in a remote paddock. and was in surprisingly good condition for its age. A restorers delight! It too had a belt drive to run the equipment needed around the chiller. E.g saw blades etc.

If only I could remember where I left my chassis.

Peter seemed to have quite a number of Daihatsu rocky utes. I asked him why. He informed me that these were the only utes that were not too big to get bogged and stuck, yet large enough to carry a full load. The current landcruiser utes have become too big for the type of paddock work Thurloo demands. Now no longer in production, Peter buys a ute when he can and keeps it running with the parts from these older ones. Makes perfect sense.

One last stump to pull?

I wondered about for hours amongst the wrecks. There is not just machinery, fencing wire, posts, pipes, shearing blades, tins, cans, tools all have seen better days, all tell a story of boom and bust. The cycle continues.


  1. Love the pictures, but your comments are worth a thousand pictures!

  2. I love prowling through these old farm dumps