Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thurloo Buildings

The Shearing shed Circa 1928

In previous posts I talked about the buildings. These are the "main" buildings. The woolshed, and the main home. There is a lot of history here. The following photos show the exterior and interior of these important Australian landmarks.

Next week I will talk about the rubbish dump- important archeological sites, the bores, the birds and wildlife.

Sheep yards which lead to the entry of the shearing shed.

Quite a lot of original fences and outbuildings remain. The original shearing shed burnt down and was replaced by this.


There is something very special about shearing sheds. Difficult to define but you can "feel" the history.

The sheds workshop.

Unlike the sheep stations that have become national parks the working areas are just that- working areas still in use today.

The homestead front facing the creek

This is a typical grand Australian homestead- cool wide verandahs, high ceilings and generous proportions. Peter has done an excellent job in modernizing whilst still maintaining the original feel

The rear yard.

The rear of the property was completely removed and a new addition for the kitchen, office and dining room was added. Again using timber window frames, and correct brickwork, its a seamless transition from the new area to the original Pise dwelling. No one used the front entrance to the property. In fact the grand hallway was used as a formal dining room such was its scale.

The beautiful doors.

Tall ceilings, thick walls all create a feeling of peacefulness in each room. All generously proportioned, She is a grand old lady that will see many more years.

There is not much else to say- walking amongst the buildings, and the hallways was a fantastic experience. To think of my family living and working there. My sincere thanks to Peter and Wendy for the opportunity.

Next week! The old cars, trucks and machinery!